Does PPV Traffic Still Work in 2016?

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One of the most common questions I have been asked for years and still people ask me; Is PPV traffic still worth investment and does it still work, especially for CPA offers?

I have been promoting CPA offers for 4 years now. I started off with 7Search in the times when people were talking about how bad quality 7Search traffic is and how it never works for them. However I choose 7search because it was affordable for me ( I had low budget) and also the fact that there was little competition as most of times people were scared of loosing money on 7Search and they considered it as a bad quality traffic source. From there after, building a handsome budget, I moved onto PPV traffic as 7search was working well for me. However, there was also not much traffic volume on that traffic source.

Since then I have been promoting PPV and I still am promoting my campaigns on PPV traffic. I have seen many PPV networks come and go and what I want to say here is that we are in an industry where things keep evolving. Things keep changing and what you need in order to become successful is to keep adopting new trends.

Now to the answer weather PPV is dead or not, Of course for the people who used to simply direct link campaigns all the time, PPV is really dead. Those days are almost gone, specially if you are thinking you can make profits by direct linking same 3 years old offer, that is never going to be possible.

So here are a few things you should consider if you want to become successful with PPV in 2016 …

How to make PPV traffic work for you in 2016

Learn about your traffic network.

How many times have you contacted your account manager with your traffic source? Have you ever asked them about their traffic inventory or what kind of tracking tokens are available etc? For example, I would like to mention most people complain about bad quality traffic from leadimpact. You can easily put a stop to bad quality by asking your account manager to only give you leadimpact’s own inventory traffic, without third parties and also by using %brand% token to filter bad quality publishers and ask your manager to block the bad quality publishers.

Adopt new offers /niches.

When ever you have a new type of offer, you get better conversions; as those offers are not saturated or those products/services which are popular but not yet available on CPA Networks. For example, one of the well-known offers is, we have been promoting that offer directly with for a long time before they were available on CPA Networks. Many popular brands have their own affiliate programs so if you can not find an offer on a CPA Network make sure you contact that brand directly and ask them if they have their affiliate program.

Use Landing Pages.

Last month we created over 100 landing pages and the total size of that folder was above 3GB. One thing I always advise to people is to keep improving your landing pages, once you have created landing pages do not stop and keep improving those landing pages and keep editing them. As I said before, the days of direct linking are gone, If you are looking for examples etc. we have are offering 40+ landing pages as an upsell to PPV Rocker V4 Buyers ( The new Updated PPV course I recently launched)

Focus list building as money is in the list.

This is no secret, money is always in your list, If you have a proper funnel and you can get started with building your lists you can make 5X of what you make by sending your traffic directly to the advertisers. List building offers you two advantages; 1. You can reach your prospects whenever you want without any additional costs. For example, if you are sending traffic to an offer without list if you want to advertise again to the customer you will have to pay again to the traffic source. 2. By building list you have full control over your subscribers and you can send them emails anywhere anytime you want.

The second advantage is that you can promote multiple products to your list, from CPA offers to click bank products or any other traditional network products as well and earn commissions.

Try new traffic networks.

One of the biggest problem of using traditional top networks is that the are full of competition. As when people start learning about PPV they only come to know a few big names, which increases the competition and makes it hard for some people to make profits specially for starters. So if that is what your problem is, start looking out of these networks and you will find many other networks out there which you can use. In fact, there are many networks which share their inventory with the bigger networks as well so you will find many small networks with same traffic quality like the big networks.

Never Give Up.

This one is specially for those who are just starting out and are about to give up, this is normal and happens with all of us. Be it Facebook, PPC, Media buying or any other traffic source you will have to learn the ropes, no one can become a millionaire in just one day and it takes countless sleepless nights to become successful so if you are just thinking to give up because things are not work for you, It would be worth it to find your mistakes and find an expert who can help you with your campaigns.

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  1. Tauseef Alam says:

    That is true. The money is in the list. With a Good list you can do wonders. PPV still work if someone use proper landing page and build a email list.

  2. PoorYou says:

    Why should I take advise from a Muslim? You guys are taught from birth to lie cheat, steal…and kill. You ancestors were brainwashed into a false religion.

    Go teach your 2 cents worth of info to other blind Islamic followers. You people should have your own Google, own You Tube, your own separate little world so that the rest of us can live in safety.

  3. ThankYou for your kind words buddy , Keep hating 🙂

    P.S If I was you i would at least use my real name 🙂

  4. Sotirios says:

    Bro, I bought ppv rocker 4, I try to make­ lead impact work. I have a good ctr, the­ less I have is 10% but nothing converts.­ I tried weight loss rebill with advertor­ial, I tried gaming niche, I tried win an­ iphone sweepstake. I m desperate do you ­have some advices? is it me or leadimpact­ just sucks?

  5. hey buddy shoot me an email 🙂

  6. Hi KJ,

    Thanks for your advise on PPV 🙂

    Have you used MediaTraffic for listbuilding by any chance?

    Sorry about the racist asshole that posted 🙁 Hatred consumes the weak minded.


  7. Dear Trish ,

    Thanks for your kind comments really appreciate your kind words , Coming back to your question , Media traffic is something i would ask you to ignore .



    Hi kj I want to let know that i am running a campaign on PPV leadimpact but my landing page is not working properly !
    The half of traffic not shown in figures of tracking!
    I asked leadimpact they said that in the back-end traffic goes to my page but in tracking software my 50% traffic not come to the page !
    please tell me what happened?

  9. Hey buddy you can get in touch with me through email to get details ..

  10. Hello KJ,
    Which email services you recommend to use for building list and which sort of list building process you recommend SOI or DOI?.I was thinking to use Getresponse but i heard they are having high bounce rates and Aweber doesn’t allow Single Optin List building.Which service are you using for list building that allows SOI?

  11. Aweber actually does allow soi brother..