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5 ppv tipsHey guys its my blog`s third birthday and as a thank you for reading my blog and helping me make it successful , I have created a Free Giveaway contest and i would like to thank all our contest sponsors for helping us to make it happen, Specially Oliver Kenyon from Affiliate Fix, Lukasz Jasiak From Box of Ads and CPVLAB team .


Okay so here are the prizes :

•   (1) Free Affiliate fix the dojo membership (lifetime membership )
•   (1) Box of ads Membership (lifetime membership )
•    (1)CPVLAB (one year free license )
•    (1)Affplaybook (one month free membership)
•    (1)Beyond hosting Starter VPS Package (first month free , 50% off rest of 5 months)
•    (1)Free CPA Marketing/Affiliate marketing consultation over Skype from me (2 Hours )

Contest ends on 31st October 2013

How to Participate:

In order to participate you must  complete this one simple step.

share this contest on Facebook ,Twitter,Google plus or blog post or on any forum  and provide proof that you shared this post by replying  using comments section below to this post with link to your post!

The post must NOT be deleted after any amount of time.
and provide us proof by replying with link to your posts  in comments below

Contest ends on 31st October 2013

About Kj Rocker

Hi there my name is KJ and I am the owner of KJ Rocker Blog And C.E.O KJ Rocker F.Z.E . I am an affiliate marketer, and online marketing consultant living Dubai Life. My biggest achievement is not only turning my affiliate life dream into reality, but also i have helped many others through my coaching program to achieve success.
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  1. Happy Your Blog’s Birthday!
    It is one of best affiliate blog 🙂 Hope it will have more content, more visitors.
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  2. Thank you very much :)and best of lick for the competition.

  3. Mohammad Haris says:

    Hello Kj Rocker,
    I’ve share this link to my FB profile

    Hope i’m be the winner 😉

  4. Hi KJ, happy 3rd birthday for your blog! Keep giving value and have a great remaining 2013!

    I shared your giveaway on
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  5. Thanks for your kind words brother 🙂

  6. Best of luck:)

  7. Muhammad Fahmi says:

    Congrats KJ! Alhamdullilah that you have reach your 3rd annivesarry. IN SHAA ALLAH i see you at the 4th!

  8. Thank you brother Insha Allah 🙂

  9. Thank you:)

  10. Hey KJ! I’ve been following your blog for more than a year now, and some of your posts have really inspired me! Happy 3rd anniversary and please continue to give us more awesome tips like what you have been doing 😀

    Have shared this great contest on my facebook 🙂

  11. I remember participated in your contest 1 year ago.
    Here again,
    And happy birthday for your blog 🙂


  12. Thanks and , best of luck 🙂

  13. Thank you very much for your kind words and best of luck for the contest 😀

  14. Congratulations! Happy to be on your list and get value.

    Shared on my twitter profile https://www.twitter.com/JacobCruzz

  15. Thanks and best of luck 🙂

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  21. Best of luck 🙂

  22. Thanks you very much and best of luck 🙂

  23. Best of luck 🙂

  24. Best of luck 🙂

  25. Best of luck 🙂

  26. Bayue Walker says:

    Happy 3 years running brother, Wish your blog be better for now and forever…
    I will Share it in my fb profil https://www.facebook.com/bayuewalker 😀

  27. Hi KJ,

    Happy Birthday to your Blog. Contest Sounds Interesting. My Best Wishes to you. I shared it on my G+ here. https://plus.google.com/116867802965578566897/posts/Z4FBDwW2Rqt

  28. Diana Kipka says:

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    For CPA info, KJ rocks!!! check out his contest NOW…KjRocker Giveaway contest – http://s.shr.lc/GFd60u by @kjrocker
    2:00 PM – 6 Oct 13 · Details

  29. Congrats on reaching the 3 year milestone. I’ll definitely be entering the contest just as soon as I get my twitter re-activated 🙂

  30. mieto1969 says:

    Happy Birthday to your Blog.I shared You ontest on my fanpage :https://www.facebook.com/templatefanpage?ref=hl

  31. Hey KJ,

    Wishing you all the best!
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  32. Hey KJ,

    congrats on your 200th post! Looking forward to more good stuff from you


  33. Thanks and best of luck 🙂

  34. ‘grats on the 3 years KJ btw have posted the contest link on my twitter profile:

  35. Thank you 🙂

  36. thanks 🙂

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    I have shared it couple of times. now… give me the prize.

  38. basem khaled says:

    congrats Kj and i wish to get more profits at 2014 and reach to your goals 🙂

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  39. Thanks brother 🙂

  40. Thanks buddy 🙂

  41. Hey bhai,
    Happy bday kjrocker.com. Where’s the party happening? :p
    I’d share it even if no prices involved. Reading your blog is priceless on its own. Here we go:
    All the best!

  42. Hey brother from another mother 🙂

  43. Hi Kj Congratulations blog tustres year continues as usual and many more greetings
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    Let me win!!

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  45. Hello KJ, Happy Birthday for your blog !! I love your posts and have learnt alot and I will continue to learn more from your blog. Keep it up !!

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  46. Thank you and best of luck 🙂

  47. Hi KJ. Happy blog birthday!
    Shared on my twitter page.

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  49. Hey KJ,

    Thank you for your incredibly informative posts! I’ve learnt a great deal from you.

    I have my fingers crossed! 🙂

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  50. Hey KJ,

    I made a gift request here: http://forvin.com/stockholm-international-experience-a-gift-request/

    Also shared on FB as well, it is public, so you’ll be able to see it: https://www.facebook.com/DesmondCPerkins


  51. Wooo , Thanks for all the kind words brother ,Best of luck for the competition 🙂

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    Link :https://www.facebook.com/jeny.toerin
    I love you all,your Great work!!

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  54. prashanna says:

    Nice contest. Just something really useful for a newbie like me.
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  55. Best of luck 😀

  56. Happy Birthday to your Blog.I shared You ontest on my FB

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    Good luck to all. Thanks KJ

  58. Hi KJ,
    I like this contest and your advises in AffiliateFix.
    I share it in my blog post!

  59. Hi KJ,
    I like this contest and your advises in AffiliateFix.
    I share it in my blog post!

  60. Hello Kj Rocker,
    I’ve share this link to my g+ profile

    Congrats on this great reaching KJ.

  61. congrats KJ for ur great initiative. i am shire this givea contest link in my fb wall https://www.facebook.com/atik.ullah.5

  62. Ben Ruangjun says:

    Great Contest, Crossing my fingers KJ 😉 HAPPY B-DAY!!!


  63. Diana Kipka says:
  64. Diana Kipka says:

    tweeted it too… 🙂 I really want to win!!!

    KjRocker Giveaway contest – http://s.shr.lc/GFd60u by @kjrocker

  65. Congratulations KJ on the 3rd Birthday of your blog. It’s a great blog that I come to very often. Thanks for putting out such good content.

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  66. Hey KJ,

    I blasted another post to my 5000 FB IM friends 😉


    All the best,


  67. Best of luck 🙂

  68. WOoo thank you very much 🙂

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  70. Kim Adair says:

    I just shared your fantastic blog on my Facebook page.
    Happy Blog B-day.

  71. Am I late to the party?
    Anyway, congratulations on your anniversary and here I share your contest on my FB: https://www.facebook.com/endratno.irfantony/posts/356465514489314

  72. Not yet , 12 Hours Left!!

  73. KJ,

    I was expecting the results by Dubai time, anyway, I will be checking my email every 2 minutes or so 🙂

    Thank you very much for setting up the contest, makes life interesting.

  74. Hey buddy winners are already announced and contacted , winner list would be published soon 🙂

  75. Well, this sucks because I didn’t get any email 🙂

    What was the criteria?

  76. Winners were randomly selected , i will explain how winners were chosen in upcoming post 🙂

  77. Furqan Hameed says:
  78. Ahh sorry , you was very late 🙁

  79. Furqan Hameed says:

    Yeah I know I’m late too late 🙂