Using PPV Traffic to promote Pay Per Calls Case study.

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Hey guys a few days ago  i watched a video by Ring Partner Network about pay per calls where they have uploaded a video about Call Treatments. Basically it is a IVR system where you Pre qualify or pre sell your callers and lead them to a suitable offer. Lets say i advertise about loans, and i get calls from people looking for different types of loans, some will need auto loans. Some will need business, in same the way others payday loans etc etc, so using this Call Treatment feature i can actually send them to their related respective offers , For example on i will use IVR which will send them to the related loan offers ,IVR will ask those people who are looking for payday loans to press 1 (once they press 1 they will  be then connected to another pay per call offer related to the payday loans) , For people looking for health insurance it will ask them to press 2 and they will be directed to the specific offer and at the end if a visitor is not interested at all it will ask them to hang up .

Here is the video for better explanation .


My experience

I tried to find this feature on other CPA Networks but there was no option to request this feature so i signed up at Ring Partner and requested that feature from them .. You can signup to Ring Partner here.

I picked up a existing campaign i was promoting on PPV with already tested targets and used a very simple landing page. Here is  an example of what the landing page was like

ppv paypercall case study

click to enlarge

Network : Ring Partner

Amount Spent :  $13.29

Amount Earned :$19.20

Net Profit              :$5.91

Result :

This was a small test and results are pretty impressive, however there is a huge problem , you can track a landing page but you cannot track a call as people will see the number on their computer screen (we are using ppv traffic) and pickup their land line/mobile phone and make a call  as we cannot track whole process. That can be a big trouble when testing out new targets as we wont know which keyword is sending calls.  I would appreciate if any one can help out with this tracking problem.



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  1. Could you potentially at an extension for each keyword.

    For example, if the keyword is “health insurance” the phone number would be 1(234)567-8910 Ext. 1 and then the next keywords would have Ext. 2 and so on…

  2. Cord,

    Each of our campaigns allow you to create up to 10 tracking phone numbers and you can always request more. So, you wouldn’t use extensions for different traffic sources, but different tracking numbers.

    Also, you can use RingPools to dynamically rotate phone numbers on the page and track variables, like keyword, source, placement, banner, etc. Check out the video here –


  3. Thanks Mike will surely look into that 🙂

  4. Kevin,

    with Ringrevenue you can use ringpool to track which KW’s are driving calls. You could also get your own Callpixels setup and do the same and create your own IVR. It would most likely make sense to create your own IVR for different offers so you could get complete coverage. Some offers dont accept all states, etc.