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Hey every one today I want to give you one of my biggest secret using which I made money and my conversion rates are always high .  I have enjoyed very high ROI so far with all kind of traffic sources including sources like PPC ad center, 7search , Social media and   On PPV traffic.

SO what is that secret?

Before going into details let me ask you a question, How Amazon affiliates make money with very low commission percentages from Amazon associates program?  Why conversions rates for Amazon affiliates are always higher?

The Answer is factor of trust! People do trust Amazon and hence affiliates do cash out Amazon’s reputation and the trust people have on it.  As buyers on Amazon don’t hesitate in buying any product because they do trust Amazon.

Basically to convert your traffic earning trust of your visitors is very important. When they trust your ad your provided information and think it is true. They go ahead and take action (subscribe, make a purchase etc).


Now here is what I do in my CPA Campaigns instead of promoting all unknown scammy products etc I do promote well reputed and well trusted brands. You may have red my thread about promoting credit card submit offers (cost per sale offers ) on even traffic sources like 7search  Well this is true I do promote such offers on many traffic sources including 7search (some people say it is bullshit traffic sources but not for me ) . Now some people will say,   OH what? Do we have such offers?  Hell yeah! Majority well reputed networks have got some really good and reputable advertisers. Check out their exclusive offer sections and you will find many of them I highly recommend you to have a look at Never Blue , MAxbounty , Ads 4 Dough , Adsimilis  (use my ref link to get approved easily  )…

The best example will be Offer named Omaha Steaks which was a CPS offer by Omaha steaks and I really killed it on PPV.  The reason these types of offer work is because  people already trust their names , their brands and people are already familiar with their names e.g Omaha Steaks and when they do see some sort of offer ad they go crazy and are very easy to convert. I have used many traffic sources and experienced that such kind of offers work really very well as compared to scammy offers where you need insist a buyer to purchase a scammy product.


P.S Do check out my new WSO about promoting CPA Offers through PPV traffic

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Hi there my name is KJ and I am the owner of KJ Rocker Blog And C.E.O KJ Rocker F.Z.E . I am an affiliate marketer, and online marketing consultant living Dubai Life. My biggest achievement is not only turning my affiliate life dream into reality, but also i have helped many others through my coaching program to achieve success.
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  1. Hi KJ,

    Thank you for this great informational blog post!

    I have one question please….

    What type of demographics (audience) and websites did you target for the Omaha Steaks CPA?

  2. Hey tony, I do target Recipe websites specially Steak related Recipe sites. Possibilities are endless just imagine who would like special Omaha steak discount and where you can find them 😉
    Its not necessary you only go for Omaha steaks there are many other brands you will find on CPA Networks 🙂

  3. KJ, did you just use a simple landing page for pop with just a few benefits, and then link to the offer, or did you link to a longer presell from pop, then link from longer presell to offer?

  4. Well i don`t make an offer that much complex i only do this when am building a mailing list for offers simple i use pop and link it to offer. Lets not forget the KISS rule.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  5. I haven’t tested enough rebills and CPS offers with CPV but I heard they take a bigger presale, but if copy does its job and they click through from pop, they show more interest and are more ready to buy than a direct link.

    I just thought I’d see if you use longer presell copy for your CPS offers to convert. If just some benefits work, than that’s good to hear. 🙂

    I’ve done simple landers to offers requiring CC but there may be more to it than your letting on. 🙂 The kiss rule can be true but with campaigns the devil is in the details also applies. In other words, there is more to it than slapping up a LP and linking to an offer.

    It’d be cool if you could elaborate a little bit on the details on what works. I can test but if you could give some pointers to improve ROI that would be appreciated. I just deposited my first refill with TV in a long time and want to get some better results. 🙂

    Otherwise I may stick with smaller payout offers that don’t require CC.

    Thanks for the post anyway.

  6. Hi KJ,

    I am new to CPA. What is a “pop”?

    I don’t understand!

    I know what a landing page is….but what is a “pop”? I’m confused.

  7. A window that suddenly appears (pops up) when you visit a website or type in a keyword, the pop-up window contains your ad and stays on the screen only until you close it . It then disappears.

    Or simply you may call it PPV Landing page

  8. Actually it depends on offer landing page if it is compelling enough you wont need any pre-sell page but in most cases (while promoting re bills ) you do need a pre-sell page too (they are not simple to promote definitely ) . for that here is what you can do direct visitors from popup to your presell page (review style rocks 😉 and from there you can direct visitors to offer landing page . I would agree with you rebils sometime need a very strong pre-sell page you need to make your visitors mind and it should be compelling enough and make a visitors mind to make a purchase but i will advise you to do so when you do have enough experience with PPV . if you are just starting out stick with short forms .. and with pre-sells your tracker will play a big role so i would advise you to get CPV LAB for this purpose … I have personally do this with some of my campaigns but that does require budget and also lots of testing …

    Hope this helps 🙂

  9. Hey KJ,

    Thanks for the reply. Maybe I’ll branch out to CPS before rebills again, plus I’m kind of wary of some of them too.

    I see how CPS can be easier for the sales pages usually require all they need to know to buy so the PPV pop can just qualify them and stir up the interest I guess. So, just short blurb or bullets do the trick with CPS on PPV pop, then link from there to the offer, correct?

  10. I`d advise you to go for some solid CPS offer (famous products,sites etc etc etc) as they don’t require much preselling and as people already know about those products/sites so they are very easy to convert 🙂

  11. So how can I do cpa offers with amazon?

  12. You actually can`t , Here i am talking about trust amazon converts because people do trust amazon , winning trust of your prospects is the key here 🙂

  13. Hi kj,
    I need your help and i desperatley need some cash . I only have $25 to spend on ppc and baes on your analsys you recommend 7search. What would you recommend to me in turning that $25 into a little profit with cpa?

  14. Start with free traffic ?if you have urgent need of cash better find a job other then looking into start an online business..

    That`s my honest advise

  15. Hello KJ, thanks for providing this information. Did you have more luck converting using PPV methods or on I’m willing to give 7search a try although I’ve heard both good and bad feedback.

  16. Well 7 search has limited traffic (low traffic volume ) where as PPV has more traffic volume 🙂

  17. I Visit your blog via, i m newbie in affiliate marketing, searching for some cpa offers and many things , i got your blog in search , seriously kj your blog is awesome and it is amazing it will be helpful for beginners as i got my information Thanks @KJ

  18. Thank you very much for your kind words bro 🙂

  19. Thanks for sharing.

    I agree I think its much easier to convert a user when they already trust the brand that you are promoting.

  20. Hi… first of all you are doing great job by assisting newbies like me. I have many questions in mind but I’ll ask something that is in everyone’s mind. Suppose I copy a link from and promote it directly on advertisement network such as Exoclick. No landing page and no tracking and nothing. Will it convert? Keeping in mind that the offer is CPA for which a CPC campaign since exoclick does not support CPA I think.
    Also, suggest me some good ad networks that drive traffic to your CPA offers and that traffic actually converts. Also, tell me how I can buy traffic using Payza
    Thanks bro.

  21. HI Ehsan thanks for stopping by and your kind words , Lets get to the questions , for the first question answer is no , lets get over it aff marketing is not just easy as placing a link in an ad network and hoping it to convert , Now about network every traffic type convert it depends more on which traffic source you are good at