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Affiliate Marketing In 2023 – What You Need To Know!

With every year that passes, the affiliate marketing industry changes. Some say its getting harder, some say there’s always opportunity. The truth is, this is a growing industry and if you want to be successful and remain profitable in the future, you need to keep up with the changes and adapt. This infographic from NoHatDigital shows exactly what you need to pay attention to absolutely crush it in 2018.

How To Crush Affiliate Marketing In 2018

How To Crush Affiliate Marketing In 2018

Content: It’s no secret that as an affiliate marketer, you need to create great content for your visitors to read or watch. However, the quality of your content matters now much more than ever before. Google is constantly tweaking their algorithm to identify and downgrade sites with thin or crappy pages – don’t be a victim!

Conversion Rate Optimization: Split testing is another must and you can’t afford to not do A/B testing on your money pages. You shouldn’t just do one or two tests and call it quits either! You need to do thorough and ongoing split tests so that with each change, your money pages convert at a higher rate. This goes without saying, the higher they convert, the more money you’ll earn.

Search Engine Optimization: One of the most important trends that you should take note of is the rising usage of voice activated devices to search the internet. As a result, people are now saying what they want to search for and these phrases are quite different from the ones they typically type in. As a result, you will need to adapt your keyword optimization to suit.

Mobile first indexing is another change in the SEO world and that means your site absolutely needs to be optimized for mobile. You should consider the fact that more than 50% of people that use the internet, do so from their mobile devices.

Email List & Funnels: Building an email list and creating a funnel may seem like internet marketing 101, however, they are now critical, especially when paid traffic is getting more expensive and organic traffic is harder to keep. You should use paid traffic to funnel more people into your list and create a funnel that converts them into long term customers. Don’t forget the most important part of this equation – you must split test every part of your funnel, this includes the squeeze page, thank you page, emails etc.

Change Things Up: You absolutely need to diversify your streams of income in 2018 and not put all of your eggs in one basket. This means that you should have different affiliate programs or offers to use in case one changes their commission rates (like Amazon). You should also try to develop better relationships with brands so that you can increase your commission rates or even obtain exclusive rights.

Deep Data Reports: Many companies have started providing deep data reports to their affiliates. This is not something you want to ignore! Take a close look at that data and use it to make better marketing decisions.

Developing Countries: If you’re only targeting the United States and other western countries, then you’re missing out on marketing to the rest of the world. Expand your horizons and you’ll most likely see a greater change in your revenue, with a whole lot less time and effort.

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