Merry Christmas :D

Hey guys Its holiday time and i am heading out for Pakistan in a few hours to visit my family and attend a few important events , So i would like to wish all of my readers Merry Christmas and i would like to thank all of you from depth of my heart for being loyal and all your love and support it is end of the year so its time a person looks back and reviews all his year and as i look back i can see so many amazing moments in my life and it was a bets year for me in life anyways i will talk about my 2013 year once i get back from Pakistan on 27th ..  As i might not be able to get a chance to wish you merry Christmas so once again i`d like to wish you all the bets and i hope you all will have great holidays .

Before i go i decide to reward myself by a Silver Ring . I was in Gold Souq Dubai yesterday and starting checking out men`s jewelery  and as i can’t wear Gold (men are not allowed in Islam to wear gold) so i tried silver and loved this one it looked really cool so i decided to get it for myself

Here is the pic Kj`s silver ring

Alright folks its time to pack my stuff ,  As i still need to pack , Will write about my Pakistan trip as well once i am back form Pakistan , For now Kj rocker Signing out ,

take care and love you all

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