2021 Annual Review

My 2021 Year In Review & Plans for 2022

Hey, guys. It’s been a while since I wrote something for my blog, so I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to start 2022 with a post about 2021 analysis. Unfortunately, I may not be able to share everything openly. However, I will try to share what I can with you guys here. 

So how was 2021 for KJRocker? Let’s have a look. 

2021 Annual Review
2021 Annual Review

2021 In a few words. 

2021 taught me a few great lessons. I finally got out of a terrible partnership, costing 6 figures and months of hard work. It was my first-time experience trusting the wrong people. On the positive side, I got to launch my offer, Expand lead generation brands and business. In short, 2021 was ”Shaky”. 

Main Traffic Sources For The Year 2021.

My Top Traffic Sources For The Year 2021
My Top Traffic Sources For The Year 2021

Native Advertising

In 2021 Native Advertising has been my bread and butter. I would say with 100% confidence that my team is the best Native Advertising media buying team in the market for the British Financial Niche. 

PPC- Google Ads

The Second Best Traffic Source which worked best for me was Google Ads. Compared to Facebook, Google has been much more reliable, Stable and source for high-quality traffic. The only issue with Google is it’s very competitive and expensive. 

To promote financial services or products of any kind, Google requires advertisers to go through a verification process. in simple words, if you are not regulated or associated with a regulated company, you can’t use Google Advertising for promoting financial products, which has eliminated non-regulated competitors giving legit business and lead generators a great chance to grow. 

Push Notifications

Push notification traffic is still pretty impressive and can produce excellent results. However, I have noticed a decline in traffic volumes, and it takes time, effort and lots of testing to find feeds that can provide high-quality traffic and volume. The only thing stopping me with Push Notification traffic is the lack of traffic volume. Otherwise, it is a fantastic traffic source with an excellent ROI for lead generation campaigns. 

Facebook Advertising 

Facebook is a straightforward advertising platform where anyone can get conversions quickly. There is no rocket science behind it. However, from a business point of view, Considering what we do is all our bread and butter. I hate Facebook! Facebook doesn’t show any courtesy, regard, or respect to its advertisers, their staff, or everyday consumers. 

My 2021 Year In Review & Plans for 2022
Facebook Is the Most Unreliable Platform Ever

Facebook lead quality has been a big question mark, especially for the UK market. There are tons of non-English speaking people from eastern people signing up who can’t understand English, and This was a big challenge as well. Facebook Reps gave up telling me there is nothing much they can do about it. 

My Biggest Issue with Facebook! 

No matter how many thousands you spend with them, One algorithmic change and your account can be disabled. It will take them weeks to review your account and re-enable it without any remorse, And during this, they will keep sending you to the concierge team who have no clue what is going on in the backend ( They don’t have any access ). 

The concierge team is there to show you Facebook is doing something about advertisers etc., but the reality is they are hired from countries with minimal wages. The poorly trained staff has to bear abuse from frustrated advertisers for salaries like 800 euros, and they have no idea what’s going on themselves. I appreciate concierge agents and their work and efforts but honestly, dealing with Facebook is a hellish experience. Overall I found working with Facebook as the sole traffic source unsustainable unless you opt for blackhat and play cat and mouse games with Facebook. My advice for those who want to use Facebook is to get an initial boost from Facebook and move on to another traffic source. Never leave all your eggs with Facebook because ZUCK will 100% crush all your eggs. 

Compared to Facebook, I love google as they have many accountability processes and are much easy to approach. 

2021 Top Income Sources: 

2021 Top Income Sources
2021 Top Income Sources

Lead generation: 

My primary source of income has been Lead generation, Across many niches. 

2021 was the first year my revenue from the lead generation ( My Lead generation brands and funnels, no aff networks involved) was more than traditional affiliate campaigns. 

I got to try 3,4 Niches; however, my main niche is UK Life Insurance. So in 2021, I also launched an offer for life insurance. However, that was not as successful because of lead quality issues from the affiliates, so I limited that facility again only to my Coaching/Consulting students.

Affiliate Offers 

2021 was one of the years where I tested the few affiliate offers. The main reason was the lack of quality offers available on networks. Also, I believe affiliate networks are reducing the number of affiliate managers. As a result, not many active affiliate managers stay in touch with affiliates and update them with the latest offers. However, my reason for testing fewer offers during 2021 was the lack of quality offers that benefit the end-user. 

I tried a few emails submit and lead generation offers along with a few E-commerce offers. I also have a few offers that I have been running for the past few years and an offer or two that I found during 2021, but nothing too crazy.  

Kj Rocker Blog 

Without a doubt, blogging has helped me build personal connections and build business relationships. Even though this didn’t make much money in 2021 ( I have made five figures from blogging here alone in the past), it is still the most important asset I own, Simply because this blog is the reason you guys know me. 


If you know me, I have been consulting people for a while now. However, it’s nothing big or anything. I always wanted to keep this a small affair instead of recruiting hundreds of people. Therefore, I prefer to consult 2/3 people a month and help them build a consistent business. This helps me focus on their needs and help them as much as possible instead of just taking money and teaching everyone the same thing. In my opinion, this kills the whole purpose of consulting. 

With time and my business, My consulting keeps evolving, And I only teach people what I do. Consulting has helped my clients and helped me build good long-term business partnerships and get fantastic referrals for lead generation buyers. Also, compared to launching offers on affiliate networks, I found it helpful to let my consulting clients promote my lead generation brands and bring in high-quality leads; I didn’t have to worry about volume quotas, Traffic quality, or compliance issues. My students/clients get the best payouts possible in the industry ( Much higher than aff networks ) and unsaturated offers and excellent support, giving them everything they need to scale campaigns. 


In December 2021, I launched my first ever successful E-commerce project. Admittedly, it’s a 1-month young project; however, I still believe it has potential growth. 

I don’t want to buy media for this project and only focus on organic traffic. Also, compared to other e-com stores etc., it is a little different project where we are utilizing cross-platform selling and not just relying on Shopify. So instead, I am focusing on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Amazon, Shopify & Niche Related forums, etc., to generate sales. 

The first goal for the project is to grow it and turn it into a known brand slowly. 

2022 Plan

My Plans For 2022
My Plans For 2022

Traffic generation

My focus will be on video advertising, Youtube & Tiktok. I need to experiment with those and make them work. 

Work out more private deals with push & Native Publishers to buy traffic directly from the providers on exclusive deals. 

Not to give a penny to Facebook! 

Lead generation

I want to expand lead generation further, Focus more on organic growth, and create more brand awareness. Create more premium packages for lead generation and expand the operations by offering multiple varieties of leads. This year I plan to start offering hotkey transfer and the leads with the complete in-House call centre set up by the end of the year.

Re-Activate Kj rocker Blog 

I love blogging; however, the only issue is I am not consistent because of other projects. So this year, I will try to change that and set my target to publish at least one article per week. If nothing, an overview of my weekly progress. I also want to re-engage my Youtube channel for the blog, Where I have been publishing videos here and there and have got a couple of hundred subscribers. 

I also plan to relaunch competitions for my blog as I used to in the past. In addition, I will collaborate with other companies in the industry and arrange giveaways and special discounts for you guys. 

Host a Mastermind

I have always wanted to host a mastermind. So this year, I plan to launch a mastermind about lead generation, Where I will share everything I have learned throughout all these years and How you can build your brand.

Grow eCommerce brand

For eCommerce, I want to grow my brand organically without media buying. So hopefully, I will secure some good cross-promotional deals with other similar store owners this year, which will be something I will focus on. 

So that was the overview of my 2021 and Action Plan for 2022. Let’s see how many things I can tick off my list for 2022! Meanwhile, if you have any questions or suggestions, do let me know and feel free to get in touch. 

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