Poker Affiliate World Officially Changes Name to Online Affiliate World

Poker Affiliate World has been in business since 2005 and has been considered one of the best and most trusted gabling based online affiliate marketing services.  They have over 12,000 affiliates in their network.  These members have earned over $23,000,000 since the company was founded.    The company, which is owned by iBus Media, felt that their name has been holding them back and have now taken steps to remedy that issue.

Poker Affiliate World Officially Changes Name to Online Affiliate World

Effective on October 20th, 2015 Poker Affiliate World is now rebranded as Online Affiliate World.  The move will allow them much more flexibility in the types of affiliate programs they have.  Along with the announcement of the rebranding they have confirmed that they are already working on adding a number of new partners that their affiliates will be able to promote in the near future.

Viktorija Antanaviciute, who is the Online Affiliate World head for iBus Media said in the announcement that this rebranding will allow them to work with the larger variety of different publishers.  She went on to say, “Our growth will continue with poker and casino programs but we are moving forward with a strong focus on sports, daily fantasy sports, finance and trading.”

Whether they will expand further into other types of industries is not clear at this point.  This is obviously a very big change for the company so they are likely trying to just take it one big step at a time.  The new name, however, will allow them to add any type of affiliate programs that they feel would be profitable down the road.

The most important thing for the company, they said, is making sure that the affiliates who promote their products will continue to have an excellent experience.  The affiliates will soon have access to a variety of other programs that they can promote and increase their profits.

There is no word on what the actual affiliates think of this move, but it is very likely that they will be very happy about having the additional opportunities.  Affiliates almost always need to be promoting offers from multiple different affiliate networks in order to maximize their earnings.  Being able to earn more through one network will be a good opportunity for many affiliates.

Whether you’re already an affiliate for Online Affiliate World or not, it is good to be aware of this move from the company.  The rebranding seems to be a big move after a series of other improvements over the course of the year.  This includes a major redesign of their website earlier this year that helped make it easier and cleaner for all the affiliates involved in their program.

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