US Affiliates More Satisfied than Global Average Regarding Payments

In a recent study that looked at a variety of items impacting affiliate marketers, it seems that those who are based in the United States are more satisfied than those in other countries.  This is specifically true about the way payments were handled.  The report comes from the payment platform Tipalti.

US Affiliates More Satisfied than Global Average Regarding Payments

While the report is filled with interesting and important information, one of the most significant items found is that nearly one in three global affiliates have had issues where they never got paid for their affiliate sales.  The number drops to just 13% for affiliates based in North America.  In addition, 20% of non-US marketers reported that they were not satisfied with the payment processes they experienced, while for those in the US less than 10% reported this.

The report was conducted over the past few months and polled more than 250 affiliate marketers.  The marketers who replied ranged from individuals to small companies and even many large companies that brought in over $200,000 in affiliate sales.

Tipalti’s CEO, Chen Amit, said, “Affiliate networks need to consider the influence their global affiliate partners have on their ongoing business success and how their commission payments processes are impacting their ability to recruit and retain the best affiliate marketers.”

The reality is, while there are many things that can impact the overall satisfaction of an affiliate marketer, few of them will be as important as the way they get their money.  In fact, 99.5% of those surveyed reported that timely payments are important to their satisfaction as an affiliate. If they aren’t getting paid on time, or even at all, it is unlikely that the marketers will continue working for the company.  What’s worse (for those networks having trouble with payments) is that affiliate marketers are often quite vocal about it when they run into these types of issues.

If one person doesn’t pay, it could cause many others to avoid that particular network for quite some time.  This can then cause further issues, which can result in further payment problems.  This downward spiral can cause an affiliate network to run into some seriously difficult times much more quickly than they would have expected.  Losing just a few of the top producing affiliates can be devastating in some cases.

This report contains a lot of valuable information that people who are working for or running affiliate networks will find very informative.  In addition, affiliate marketers themselves would be wise to read through the report to keep up to date on what is going on.  This is one of the most in depth reports available to date concerning how payments impact the overall affiliate marketing cycle.

You can find this report published by Tipalti HERE.  It is a free report and well worth the amount of time it will take you to read it.

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