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Affiliate networks you should join after BLAM Ads

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After fall of BLAM Ads  there are many affiliates with incentive traffic  looking for affiliate networks  who accept incentive traffic . There are a very few incentive networks i can vouch for at this time as they pay on time and are honest in making payments .i would like to do a quick review for all of them and provide you as much information i have about them as possible .

You maybe surprised to know that at start i used to drive incent traffic while i was working with my first affiliate network (CPA LEAD ). They are one of the best & leading Incentive Network who specialize in only incentive traffic using their own In-house proprietary platform . I have seen people making real big bucks (i am talking about figures which will leave your G.F fainted) with CPAlead their payment terms are also good with payment methods including Check, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit) payments and they do pay Net-30,Early Payment (upon request) . If you earn over $1,000 a month, you can ask Payment Support for NET-15.They also pay weekly but for that you will have to make some serious bucks with them. Over all they are one of the oldest and a well reputed network who pays every time on time .

  • Adscend Media

Adscend Media is again one of the leaders in incentive industry founded in 2009 they have won many awards in industry and always in TOP Networks list offering Net-30,Net-15,Net-7,Bi-weekly payments and by payment methods including Check,Wire,ACH,PayPal.They also have lowest Minimum Payment limit $50which is really good for beginers.

  • Mobooka

Mobooka is another Incentive network being run by Steve Howe who also owns a well known  and a reputable network network Convert2Media .Since 2008 the day of formation convert2media has never missed a single payment and I hope they never will miss a payment  with Mobooka too. Mobooka network uses  Check, PayPal, Wire as payment method and also they do offer Net-30 payments . They also run on In-house proprietary platform .

  • is a newly launched incentive network which is a division of Peerfly Affiliate Network  i have already posted a review about them here. Peerfly again is a network in my on time every time payments list and i never heard a bad thing about them  they are in industry since 2009 and have won many awards. and there is no reason you should n`t join if you are running Incent traffic as it is owned by one of the best network in CPA Industry their payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer, Postal Check, ACH (US Only), or Bank Wire, And they offer net 30, net 15, weekly, and even daily payments to their loyal affiliates.

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