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Affiliate World Asia: Bangkok Survival Guide

If you are going to the Affiliate World Conference 2019 in Bangkok this December, you are in for the time of your life! Bangkok is not only a beautiful city but also a very happening one. Even if you just spend three to four days here during the conference, there is a lot that you can see and enjoy. 

Thailand’s capital city is full of culture, exquisite cuisines, and plenty of leisure activities.  Here is what you need to know, where you need to go, and what you need to eat! Check it out! 

Thailand guide AWA2019
Thailand guide AWA2019


Sim Card

 If you are like me, the first thing you will do as soon as you land is to find a local sim card. There are three telecom providers; AIS, dtac and True. AIS is the biggest telecom provider and they offer traveler sim card packages starting from 49 Baht, You can find more details here.

Thai Whatsapp alternative

The Line is the most popular messenger app in Thailand. So if you want to communicate with the locals, make sure you have it at the ready.


Whilst it may be winter in some parts of the world and everyone has their warm coats and boots at the ready, you won’t need them in Thailand. Temperatures will vary between 20 to 30 degrees.

In early December, Bangkok is usually drying out from the rainy season and it is a nice breezy warm. So pack your shorts and sunnies. With at least 8-9 hours of sunshine, you will want to keep your eyes protected if you plan to be out and about!

In terms of footwear, you may see lots of pictures or get tempted to take your flip flops. However, I would suggest you pack some comfy shoes as well, to cater to the dust you may meet along the way.


Grande Centre Point Ploenchit  Swimming Pool
Grande Centre Point Ploenchit Swimming Pool

One of the most important aspects of your trip is by choosing your hotel. If you don’t stay in the right place, it is likely to dampen your spirits. If you want the best accommodation, a very comfortable experience, and the best room service, sign up for a room at the Intercontinental Bangkok in Pathumwan or the Novotel Bangkok in Siam Square

Novotel Bangkok has fantastic rooms and is complete with a sauna and gym to keep you well-rested and in tune with your fitness regime. The Grande Centre Point Ploenchit is also a good shout, and offers a very pleasurable experience. It is also at the top of our recommendation list.

Another well-rated hotel is the Siam Kempinski Hotel, giving you the experience of a resort in the midst of a city.

Finally, the Holiday Inn Bangkok is a no brainier, the brand is well known for being a great place to stay all over the world. A comfy place to rest and relax after your busy days!

Official Parties

There are plenty of parties which are being hosted, Check out all the list of parties here.


Affiliate World Asia: Bangkok Survival Guide
Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

Intoxicating, intricate, alluring, and absolutely mesmerizing are just a few words that can be used to describe Bangkok. There are certain places that you just have to see, no matter what! Start with the beautifully designed Grand Palace- built in 1782. Within its vicinity is Wat Phra Kaew, a 14th-century temple that houses the immensely popular Emerald Buddha. 

VIP Retreat In Koh Samui

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When visiting these two places you must remember to dress modestly and wear socks when entering- or you won’t be allowed. No bare feet or too much skin showing. If you aren’t dressed properly, a booth at the entrance can help by providing garments to properly cover you up. Just keep your knees and shoulder covered, for a safe bet some trousers for men or a long dress with sleeves for women will suffice.

If you are interested in history, you must then go on to see the Wat Arun, one of the most exquisite and breathtaking temples in the city. The temple is positioned on the bank of the Chao Phraya River and is a sight to see with its golden Buddha and gorgeous murals. You have to check out the other scenes around the Chao Phraya riverside too! This is one of the oldest settlements in the city. From here you could also go to the old stilt houses and take a ride on one of the water taxis.

It is also essential to focus a bit on the contemporary aspects, maybe do some shopping- the Asiatique is perfect for this purpose! The amazing riverside mall has over 1,500 boutiques and numerous restaurants for you to check out. Puppet shows, cabarets, and plenty of other opportunities for entertainment are at your door in this mall.

After that, you can go on down to Wat Pho, the old town, and check out the massive Buddha statue and also enjoy an excellent Thai massage (you don’t want to leave without one)! The town is literally a must-see. 

Last, but of course, not least, if you are craving the nightlife and an eclectic touch of the modern with the traditional, look no further than Khao San Road. Clubs, modern stalls, cocktail bars, and plenty of options for Western food at your service. Want more? Soi Cowboy is like a Thai Las Vegas with neon lights and plenty of go-go bars- something you won’t see elsewhere! 


Bangkok is full of wafting scents of mouthwatering cuisines and delectable delights. If you are a street food lover and want to take it easy in your short stay here, head on over to Chinatown or check out Wang Lang Market for great food stalls and very affordably priced delicious food. 

If you are looking for halal food like me, You may want to follow Halal Girl About Town’s Guide. I am looking forward to hitting a couple of Thai, Pakistani and Arabic halal places during my stay…

Tom Yum Goong, soup with noodles, vegetarian cuisines, you will find it all here. If you don’t want to eat on the street, you can grab a bite at a local Thai restaurant. Try Ran Ruam Dai, Soei, or Mit Ko Yuan. 

If you are in the mood for something more lavish, you should try Nahm, a London born restaurant that has hit the streets of Thailand. The restaurant is run by an Australian chef and has a wonderful ancient Thai ambiance! ‘Paste’ is also an immensely popular option and they are very particular and articulate about the taste and the small details. They serve with perfection and visiting the restaurant is an experience within itself too.

Affiliate World Asia: Bangkok Survival Guide

“ Never underestimate the power of good food. Eating delicious food can be a life-changing experience.”

What to order? As mentioned above, Tom Yum Goong is highly popular, or Pla Pao if you are a fish lover. Kuay teow reua is perfect for those that want a taste of pork with their noodles or Goong pad sataw for shrimp lovers.

Thai food can never be boring and don’t worry- if you prefer to stick to your regular tastes, there are plenty of Western food outlets lining the city. No one is ever left out in Bangkok. 

A world within the world, your trip to Bangkok will definitely be the experience of a lifetime. Mix it up with the Affiliate World Conference and have the best of both worlds; play as hard as you work!

Transport in Bangkok

Affiliate World Asia: Bangkok Survival Guide
Sky Train downtown Bangkok

Navigating transport is easy, thanks to Bangkoks efficient public transport system. You can Move around the city using Sky Train, Buses, Taxis, and Tuk Tuks. 

Here is how you can explore Bangkok;


GRAB is Thailand’s version of Uber. Just like Ubereats, they also offer food delivery services and other parcel delivery, etc. You can easily pay using your mobile wallet too.


The cheapest way to explore Bangkok is through public transportation. VIABus is a great service for public transportation. It gives you real-time info and updates about timings and public transportation. It also supports MRT, BTS, Ferry, Airport Bus, BRT, etc

BTS SkyTrain

BTS stands for Bangkok Mass Transit System. This BTS Skytrain runs in Bangkok connecting various stations around Bangkok. The BTS Sky Train APP will help you to navigate between stops and estimate your total fare.


If you need a Thailand Visa, the process depends on where you are applying. It usually takes between 2-7 Days, You will be required to attach your hotel booking, flight details, and bank statements. Make sure you apply at least 30 days before your travel date. just to be safe…

You also need to have Proof of living expenses at the amount of 10,000 Baht per person and 20,000 Baht per family when you land in Thailand..


I always buy a small amount of currency before traveling and convert the rest of the money when at the destination. The more common the currency is, the Cheaper it will be to buy… So for example, if you are traveling form the UK to Thailand and want to buy Thai baht, you will pay less for it in Thailand ( lowers fees, Currency difference, etc ). Also, it is more common as compared to GBP, which will be rare and valuable.

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