CPV Lab got more powerful after its 2.16 update

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In July last year i did a detailed post about traffic trackers , Where i did compared all 3 popular trackers for affiliates including Bevo Media , Prosper 202  and CPV Lab . I also mentioned about using CPVlab and how i love this amazing tool. This is for sure a paid tool but its worth every cent you pay it gets regular updates and their support team is always there to help out ( a big thanks to Mo from support team) . Recent 2.16 Update was a great news for me and i was amazed to see the new things added into the system which also included feature which i thought was missing  (CPC pricing options within Campaigns as well as a separate Ad Performance Section within the Stats.) and asked CPV lab team to add it and thanks to them they did delivered what they promised.

Here are a few more features which were added into CPV lab

– Optimization and Alert Profiles
– Store Unique Token from Traffic Source/s as a separate token and allow Passing Token to Additional Pixels
– Predefined tokens for Traffic Sources; option to use these predefined tokens in the campaign setup pages from simple dropdown menu options.
– Option to change/customize redirect page names
– Improved queries from base pages for speed and volume
– Improved Redirect load times on all base links
– Improved sorting in Stats
– Improved additional server-to-server pixels with curl library integration
– Added Dynamic Subid Token Placeholder {!subid!} in the offer URLs
– Allow {!subid!} placeholder in additional pixels
– Allow grouping by Day and Hour in Stats
– Exported CSV files now retain the sort conditions of the original table
– Save sort conditions on Campaigns page
– Improved Clickbank Conversion Postback functions

With all those updates now CPV lab has left other trackers far behind and is surely the best Tracking solution to this time and still my favorite tracking solution ..

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