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Golden Goose Affiliate Network Review 2023

Golden goose Affiliate network, in reality, is the goose that has golden mobile offers. They are one of the best networks when it comes to Value Added Services (VAS) offers.

In CIS countries they had a presence for over 15 years, However, they started operating globally in 2018. Since their inception, they have become key players in mobile offers and mobile traffic monetization. 

As they own all the affiliate offers, This allows affiliates to work with a network which is directly in control of everything and they are one of the few networks who even offer daily payouts to their publishers. 

Why I love them?

Honestly stickers… I love their stickers and always love to grab a few every time I visit an affiliate conference, And their stickers on all my laptops, Here is proof … Thumbs up to their branding team for creating amazing stickers:) 

Golden Goose Affiliate Network
Golden Goose Affiliate Network

Stickers aside, They have amazing offers which you won’t find anywhere else. Here is what I am talking about… 

So let’s talk about how to launch your first campaign with Golden Goose Network. 

Golden Goose Top offers
Golden Goose Top offers

For this quick campaign, I choose sweepstakes to offer for the Philippines. The reason I choose the Philippines was that it is one of those Asian countries where you can buy dirt cheap traffic and most of the traffic advertising networks at dirt-cheap rates. 

How to start your first campaign

If you are still reading this article and haven’t got an account with GG yet, the first step with you ould be to get an account, the signup process is straight forward. They are pretty fast when it comes to account approvals so there won’t be any delays for activating your account.

once you have logged into your account you will have to navigate to the campaigns page. You will have to click on create a campaign page.

Golden Goose Affiliate Network Review 2023
You will find create campaign button on the right side of the page

In the 2nd step, you will have to choose your offer. The first step for you is to choose GEO, select your offer vertical, You can also select offers by mobile Carrier and flow as well .

Selecting an Offer at Golden Goose Affiliate network
Selecting an Offer at Golden Goose Affiliate network

In the next step, you will have to be to pick your affiliate link. If you like, you can also use custom tracking link for your offers.

Once you have your affiliate link with you, You can create your tracking link in your tracker (Depending on the tracker you are using ) my recommended tracker is Voluum.

Get Your Campaign Affiliate Link
Get Your Campaign Affiliate Link

Traffic Source : 

For this test, I chose one of my goto sources for push traffic sources. Push Ground advertising network as they offer instant approvals and overall their traffic quality is good too. 

In the First step, you will have to create a campaign, give it a name and add your tracking URL and choose your offer category. Also, make sure you have set up conversion tracking pixel for traffic source as well so that you can monitor conversions on your advertising networks and take advantage of Push Ground optimization options.

Creatives For Push Notification traffic
Creatives I used
Your iPhone is ready for delivery!🎉 Awaiting confirmation! (1) pending package, ready for delivery. 🎉
🚚 (1) delivery notice📦Awaiting confirmation! (1) pending package, ready for delivery.📦
Your iPhone is ready for delivery!📦Your Iphone is ready for delivery!📦
🚚 (1) delivery notice🎉Your iPhone is ready for delivery!🎉
Your iPhone is ready for delivery!🚚Awaiting confirmation! (1) pending package, ready for delivery.🚚
Titles and descriptions I used for this campaign
Targeting options for sweepstakes offers
Targeting options

You may have noticed in targeting options I only choose android devices, In my opinion, world besides North America and Europe is dominated by android devices and targeting IOS at times is just waste of time as there is not much volume.

In next steps for frequency capping the best option is to start with 1:24h. And for whitelists and blacklists, you can ask your account managers to help you with the black/whitelists to help you get started. For user freshness settings, all the options below 14-21 days are a good option.
in bidding options, top bid options for Philippines was 0.008 ( Direct cheap traffic 😉)..


Campaign Campaign IDClicksConversionsCTRCPCCPASpent
GG_PG TEST2208695017130.6477580.0009033.0940.136
Sweep stake offer results
Open In New tab to see image clearly

As you can see offer payout is $1.60, And I spent $40.136 to get 13
conversions at $3.09 CPA $3.09. so we are still 19.336 in red. however, we must also consider that this offer campaign is not optimized yet, Whitelist/Blacklist data needs to be collected still Also there is room for improvement with the creatives and images as well. So factoring all these things, I believe this campaign can be an easy winner with a little more work on it and can be easily optimized and scaled.


Overall I like the fact that Golden Goose has a variety of offers and the best thing about them is that they allow you access to the offers which are not available on other networks, This is a great network for you if you are looking for offers in regions where competition is not as high as tier 1 geo’s and I guess that’s the best thing I like about golden Goose network.

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