My grammer may be crap, my punctuation maybe wrong, but my life is fuckin great.
My secret is my love, my boss is my heart, but its all thanks to my best mate.
Theres a little lady in my life, she’s the success to my luck, and my beat to my heart
She helps me when I’m down, She shows me when i’m wrong, and damn she takes me… Na its sounding too much like a poem…
IM isn’t a degree, you don’t have a boss who will come round and sack you for your mistake, i mean come on?
Yea so my grammers kinda’ crap, my english language pronunciation may be a little off track and odd.. My punctuation and literary devices are not the best! But my lifes fucking awsome! Today my friends.. Colleagues and learners.. A little truth testimony.
I’m an honest guy, hard working and passionate about my I’m, I believe in god and I find it hard to open up to people and show my true feelings… But since around december/january I’ve made a new relation, a girl whom I’ve loved with my life, all my life… But you are prob thinkin’ dude… This is I’m.. Not a romantic film! But there’s a moral.. She has been the only girl to understand my IM passion.. I didn’t ASK for her help.. But she aided my lackings.. So all my proof reading is done by her,but she’s not my worker… She’s my boss! Facing facts.. Without her I wouldn’t even turn on my pc anynmore!! I’d be screwed dude.. Its not a professional relationship.. It’s a way of bonding and understanding.. We don’t take orders from eachother.. We help and support one another… Love isn’t all about kisses and romance.. It is also about the external passion, and mine is my work + hers is helping people…we both just click.. I could talk to her for hours about POTATOES and not get bored..!! so moral of the day.. Being an IM we complain about ONE thing.. Our wives, partners, girlfriends don’t like our work? But its not work… Its passion so if she/he loves u.. She will feel ur passion.. So if you’re out there reading this my love I love you.. And thanks for feeling my passion!!

Now guys!! Your turn!! Do you have a special person who feels your passion? Have any problems? How good is your english and how do u deal with it?

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