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Memorable visit to London

Hey every one i just got back from a fantastic trip to London and really loved visiting this city , London and Edinburgh are so far the only cities in united kingdom  which really impressed me and i really felt something special , Anyways coming back to trip i took bus from Derby to London where i had already booked Grange Rochester Hotel located in Vincent Square which is not far from Victoria station. Also Buckingham Palace,House of Parliament and London eye were on walking distance.If you are not internet addict like me i would recommend you this hotel as they are nice but if you are internet addict Don`t STAY with Grange Rochester Hotel they do charge for  Internet (that’s what i hated about them).

I reached London at 1:10 PM and checked in hotel at 2PM and had some sleep till 5 PM as i was awake for more then 24 hours (had to sort pout stuff related to bizz). After that it was time to meet lovely people i always talk and connect with on internet it was great to see those people in reality and they were really nice Londoners. I really loved connecting with my friends and students from London with whom i always talk on skype and was glad to discuss bizz face to face. After 11 PM all these meetings finished and it was time for me to goto hotel room and sleep… Yes i love sleeping when i have nothing to do …

Next morning on 25th of feb i woke up at 9 and till i do breakfast and have shower it was almost 11AM (keep in mind not only you are lazy, all marketers are lazy ).. Then i went out to say hello  to queen at Buckingham Palace  where till 12:45 PM i witnessed Change of Queens Guards ceremony..After i started getting bored of usual army stuff ( I went to schools being run by PAK ARMY) i said good bye to Queen. I was desperate to reach London Eye now so i started to walk toward nearest tube station so i can reach london eye , On Asking a nice Policeman (liked their Hats) he pointed me to st.james`s underground tube station,So i started marching toward it ,On my way i passed shopby parliament house  and House of Parliament shop attracted all my attention instead of   House of Parliament United Kingdom itself so i decided to give it a try and buy some stuff .how ever i was very disappointed as it shop was totally being misleadingly  advertised as i found no member of parliament ,Current Prime Minister David Cameron or any of his cabinet member on sales till, So that instantly turned a happy customer into very unhappy customer so i decided to leave the shop . IMG_0937 When i reached st.james`s underground tube station i decided to skip idea of using tube and decided to walk on Westminster Bridge , On the bridge there was a rally by to save marine life which was organized by MCS UK  and also there were also Fund Raisers for Sea Shepherd So i showed my solidarity with these guys too as marine animals need to be protected and governments should act and take steps to save marine life , i donated money on behalf of  Rocker Interactive and decided to move on and get to London Eye ,Where the first thing which attracted me was Sea life London aquarium . There i kept wondering around sharks and crocodiles and fishes for about an hour and took many pictures including this one crocodile attackpicture with Crocodile behind me and i posted this picture on my Facebook wall with caption “Last moments of my life , still happy.” As soon as i posted this photo on facebook my Iphone blasted with notifications about Texts , Skype messages, Calls,Whats App messages and what not … People could n`t get this joke and though MR KJ is really gonna die … After taken tons of pictures of sharks,sea turtles,fishes,penguins and crocodiles i decided to explore more and so i came out and at that time decided to see London from a cruise ship so i bought a ticket to London bridge. It was a amazing journey with a great sailor who was much more then a travel guide , Thanks to City Cruises i really enjoyed taking pictures and exploring London . After reaching London bridge i did explored London tower bridge and then got back to Cruise as it was almost time for me to catch coach back to derby so i came back to London eye through Cruise Ship and from Westminster tube station got ticked for Victoria station from where i  had to getinto coach back to Deby …

It was a really amazing visit and i wish i had more time to explore London ……

I hope you guys enjoyed my London Story let me know about your thoughts by making comments below 🙂

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