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PropellerAds: The Next Multisource Platform Evolution

PropellerAds, which is the flagship platform of AdTech Holding’s projects, has been on the market for more than 11 years, establishing itself as a leader almost upon launching.

Recently, PropellerAds surpassed the 12 billion daily impression threshold across all of its formats — an impressive achievement even for a company that’s already recognized around the most innovative platforms.

The best part of it all is that PropellerAds is constantly scaling its solutions, with the aim of boosting the results of media buyers and performance marketers alike. Today, PropellerAds is adding a new dimension to its solutions and becoming a multisource platform that allows brands, agencies, and affiliates to reach the most relevant user with ease.

PropellerAds: The Next Multisource Platform Evolution
PropellerAds the go-to solution for media buyers and performance marketers

So, What’s a Multisource Platform?

PropellerAds is now a multisource platform, but what does this mean exactly? In short, customers and partners can now opt to work with new supply partners right through the PropellerAds platform.

Since 2022, PropellerAds has curated a list of well-tested and exclusive traffic sources, and these are now available to any media buyer, marketer, or company that wants to attract relevant visitors to their websites. This is the multisource element of PropellerAds’ latest improvements.

In order to support this immense change, PropellerAds has also introduced technical upgrades that ensure transparency across the board for existing as well as future clients.

multisource ad platform
Multisource ad platform

Understanding PropellerAds’ Last Update

In its latest system upgrade, PropellerAds has focused on creating a great experience for its clients by allowing them to scale campaigns using a collection of sources. This also includes exclusive and carefully-tested sources that became available at PropellerAds recently.

Additionally, the update also:

  • Made it easier and faster to add new traffic supply partners
  • Improved features and simplified steps to add new types of traffic and bidding models
  • Implemented the latest technology to process various types of user data and determine which individuals are best suited for the clients’ offers

Does Anything Change for PropellerAds Clients?

PropellerAds has always been committed to delivering the best traffic quality for its clients and this hasn’t changed. Thus, existing clients won’t experience any effects — except for an increase in high-quality traffic.

The ad platform continues to monitor the quality of its traffic constantly in order to guarantee its high standards and help all its partners achieve their goals.

In addition to delivering high-end traffic, PropellerAds is also client-centric and transparent.

Existing and future PropellerAds clients can rest assured that the multisource update will boost performance as well as transparency by providing access to details like traffic sources, detailed metrics, and more.

Benefits You Can Expect

PropellerAds clients and partners will be glad to find out that the only effects they should expect include:

  • A significant increase in tested and relevant traffic
  • A boost in performance

With more than 12 billion daily impressions, PropellerAds is a one-stop spot for agencies, solo marketers, large and small brands.

Keeping Updated with the Latest Changes to PropellerAds

PropellerAds continues to grow and this update only adds another dimension to the platform’s innovative set of solutions. What’s more, other innovations are on their way — namely, soon implementation of machine learning technologies and other forms of artificial intelligence.

That said, a partnership with PropellerAds can help newcomers and seasoned marketers exponentially improve their results and fuel previously unseen growth.

Willing to take your campaign) to the next level? Do it with PropellerAds today!

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