Reasons why your affiliate manager sucks !

For an affiliate one if the most important person for his business is his affiliate manager who he is working with it is very important to work with a highly professional and responsive affiliate manager who loves to help out his affiliates whenever they need his help and answer all their questions professionally, In CPA industry there are many affiliate managers who are completely un professional and only communicate with their affiliates when they need traffic to some offer or they have new offers to promote. Here are a few reasons why your affiliate manager sucks .

your affiliate manager sucks

  • Not available on instant messenger during business timings

It is very important for an affiliate manager to be available on IM and visible to all his affiliates . So that if any affiliate needs any urgent help his questions can be answered immediately or when ever possible he can , i do know it is very hard and frustrating having hundreds of messages but it is responsibility of an affiliate manager to keep in touch with his all affiliates and answer their questions promptly and assist them.  SO if you don`t see your affiliate manager on instant messenger very often your affiliate manager sucks and you should request network to replace your AM with someone who is responsive and can truly do his job.

  • No control over Advertisers

This actually happened with me sometimes when i ask for changes in offer for example usually things like removing exit popups etc and your affiliate manager  tells you he cant do it in this case your affiliate manager and your network  both suck this is a indicator that network is broking offers  and they have no direct communication with the advertiser .

  • Don`t know how to place pixels

In this industry there are some genius affiliate managers who even don`t know how to place pixels in their system on asking they will request you to wait and seek help of  colleagues to place your pixels . If your affiliate manager do this too Your AM sucks.

  • Keeps pushing you to run his offers

Sometimes network managers love to  act as a sales person instead of affiliate manager and they will keep bugging your with messages like . Hey this offers is doing really great , give it a try or something similar , Even knowing what type of traffic you have and what type of offers you run traffic to they will keep on pushing you ,  I have also experienced that sometimes when i will ask for a certain CPL offer to test , AMs start pushing you to try out their CPS offer ., if your AM does this too your am sucks .

  • Tells you secrets of other affiliates

If your AM tells you about secrets of any other affiliate working with him , Shares landing pages , keywords , websites of other affiliates with you , You should never ever trust such affiliate manager because he can do same with your campaigns and can share your secrets with other affiliates , This species of affiliate managers is very rare in industry and they surely do suck.

  • Can`t help you with little problems

if your AM cant help you with small problems and confusions like placing pixels , setting up tracking links , helping you with optimization , helping you to choose traffic source for offers , suggest you best suitable offers matching your traffic, Helping you with increasing conversions at least proving you a few tips etc , Your AM sucks

  • Keeps himself busy on forums and Completely unprofessional behaviour

I observed many affiliate managers hanging out on forums and Facebook posting pictures of their cats instead of helping out their affiliates and posting about how wealthy they are and how much revenue their network generates . Some times affiliate managers forget rules of conducting business  use disgusting language this applies to both managers and network owners i see this drama quiet often on facebook groups where unprofessional  network owners swear at each other one day and on other day they will be calling each other “My Man and will tell you for how long they know each other and for how long they are working together”.


Let me know your thoughts about it and also do check out  Network owners why your pictures with fancy cars and stacks of money never attract me.

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