Using Automated spamming bots to promote CPA Offers

I was looking at my blogs Visitor Analytics and there i came to know that some one reached my blog by searching answer to his question on Google  can i promote cpa offers direct link to senuke x?  I felt bad because i am sure visitor to my blog did n`t got answer to his question through blog so i decided to answer his question through this post .

So what is senuke x ?

Senuke x is a spam bot used to create backlinks to websites ( it is a black hat tool ) and it is used to spam over internet just like any other software scrape box etc etc  (i wont go in detail about what exactly they do because its off the topic thing) .


Coming back to topic, No you can not use any spamming software to promote your CPA offer directly , and no reputable CPA Network will allow you to spam your affiliate links with such automated  software .


How ever you can use these softwares  to build back links to your websites and use them to get traffic to your website  ( it is purely black hat  and i do advise you not to do so if you want a long term income stream i do use good SEO practices myself and i do recommend you to stick with good SEO practices ) .. But when using Black Hat Tools to boost up your sites rankings do remember that as soon as google find out you are building massive Spam links to your website  you will be penalized by google and will loose your all rankings ..

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