Affiliate Marketing Tools in 2020

Affiliate Marketing Tools You Must Have in 2023

The start of the year is a great time to plan what your marketing strategies are going to be like in the future and affiliates will have their hands full in 2022! Affiliate marketing has never been easier as new marketing tools take over the scene and add the much-needed oomph to your marketing strategy. Affiliate marketing is expected to be a $6.8 billion industry by the end of 2022 and the digital industry is set to hit trillions.

Excited yet? Now here is how to make it even better. 

Presenting the best affiliate marketing tools in 2022! Take notes.

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Spy Tools

Whether it’s 1912 or 2022, everyone still loves spying! The main difference is that in 1912 you had to physically be present and devise a grand scheme to spy on your competitors, but in 2022 all you have to do is use a digital spy tool to keep track of what your competitors are doing. 

Spy tools allow you to analyze what Landing pages, ads and content your competitors are running. They go as far as letting you know what is working for your competitors and how well it is working, How much they are spending and what volume they are running to their campaigns.  

Here are the top ones: 

Kj Rocker Recommended Affiliate Spy Tools


If you are looking for an all in one tool, Adplexity is a big name in competitor analysis industry and a must-have tool which should be on your purchase list for 2022. Adplexity can help you spy on Native Traffic Sources, Pop Traffic Sources, Push notification networks and many more…  

Adplexity Affiliate Marketing Tool
Adplexity Spy Tool

Spy Fu

SpyFu A must-have tool for any PPC or SEO marketer, One of the best tool which not only shows you all the profitable Keywords and Ads your competitors are using for For Paid and Organic Search but it also spits out every keyword your competitors bought on Adwords, every organic rank, and every ad variation within last 13 years.

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SpyPush name speaks for itself! If you want to explore push ads in140 countries to find the most optimal content and take inspiration from it, SpyPush is what you need. Your competitor’s conversion funnels are at your fingertips. 

Kj Rocker’s #1 Choice

When it comes to affiliate marketing competitor analysis or affiliate spying, There is no greater company than Adplexity

Tracking Tools

You can’t know how your campaigns are performing without properly tracking your traffic right? I have already discussed the importance of tracking in detail in my previous posts. Tracking helps you identify top placements, top converting offers, creatives and also helps you optimize and scale your affiliate campaigns.

Here is a list of trackers I would recommend! 

Kj Rocker Recommended Affiliate Trackers


One of the expensive options, Comes with its PROs and Cons. Owned by Codewise (Whose CEO Robert Gryn we interviewed on our blog in past ) is one of the biggest names in affiliate tracking industry. They are very regular with updates and are one of the best companies. Some of the great features voluum have to offer include, Fraud detection, Automatic Optimization, Direct Tracking Pixel, Lander Protection Script and Listicle tracking. 


Thrive was founded by Tom fang is another great tracking tool back from CPVLAB days, Just like Voluum, thrive is another tracker which has seen constant updates by its creators and is one of the leading tracking platforms. Some of its special features include AI Optimization, Auto-Scaling and Funnel Support ( One of the most needed features in trackers). 


I wrote about this tracker in my detailed Binom review! When I first came across it, I didn’t like it and I was open about my dislike in my posts, but I must admit they have come a long way and have been improving it constantly. It is one of the fastest trackers and has a great support team. Some of their special features include Smart rotation, Statistics on paths/rules/rotations, Bid grouping, filtering and above all it can handle massive traffic volume without slowing down. 

Kj Rocker’s #1 Choice

Binom is a fast and self-hosted platform which means you can use it anywhere you want without worrying about any privacy issues as no one else can have access to your campaigns.

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Landing Page and Design Tools

Landing page design matters, right? At least that’s true in the digital marketing world. To build trust among your customers you have to have a well designed landing page which looks good, professional and trustworthy. Therefore, if you want to make a killer amount of revenue, you need to have downright impressive landing pages. 

Here are the tools that can help you.

Kj Rocker Recommended Landing Page tools

Genesis Framework

one of the best WordPress based framework, This website and many of my affiliate projects use genesis, before choosing genesis I went through tens and hundreds of WordPress themes and frameworks and finally settled on genesis almost 7 years ago… Their Smart Passive Income theme is my favourite choice for creating affiliate landing pages. Genesis is simple, fast in loading speeds yet very powerful in features and helps you create stunning landing pages which convert. 


OptimizePress is a great tool to build eye-catching landing pages and opt-in pages. It is highly user-friendly. Priced reasonably and with advanced features, you seriously do not need to be a pro to design great platform-specific pages. I use optimize Press especially for creating funnels and landing pages where I have to capture user information. It is integratable with almost every tool and costs way less as compared to other similar solution providers.  


I don’t use Clickfunnels and think it is waste of money ( Optimizepress fan forever) but this tool is great if you don’t want to deal with hosting and optimization by yourself or want your team to handle that. Personally, in my opinion, it is an overpriced product with minimal value and the fact that you cant customize it much. But My personal opinion aside it has helped many people create funnels and many people have been using it to create their funnels and landing pages. and it is a great tool for those who don’t want to handle much of the technical side of the things… It has extra features for following up with visitors who bounced and actively guiding current visitors through the sales process, maximizing the chances of a conversion and repeat 

Kj Rocker’s #1 Choice

As we are talking about WordPress, I would also like to add a bonus tool which is a must-have for any WordPress website is WP rocket… As its name suggests it will help you boost your loading speeds and help you load your website fast… Using WordPress for affiliate marketing without using WP Rocket is a big mistake… And if you run affiliate campaigns and especially are buying traffic you better invest into WP Rocket and boost your site loading speeds ( There is no better plugin then WP Rocket & I can guarantee you that! )

Email Marketing

Believe it or not, if you look at numbers, email marketing tops the list and is scoring way higher than social media in conversion rates. I have been building lists for last 5 years now and one thing which always generated consistent income was my mailing list… However, you need to know how to use it effectively, Choosing the right email service provider is the most important. 

I spent one-year testing different service providers and testing their platforms and came up with the below list. 

Kj Rocker Recommended Email Marketing tools


I love Activecampaign, I use them for managing this blog’s list and many other campaigns… It is not your average email marketing tool, It combines the best features of a CRM and Email Marketing Service. This tool provides you with great features and automation which help you properly track user activity and to calculate your customer lifetime value. It also helps you track the customer journey and send emails based on actions taken by the user. their subject line service also helps you write a great subject line and optimize your email length and content. Last but not least, it gives you a proper analysis of the open rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, and tells you exactly who performed each action and at what time. It also has advanced features enabling you to find the optimal time to send your list emails to increase chances of opening/conversions.

One Con of Active Campaign is that they are very strict when it comes to their policies and if you need their approval before you can promote affiliate marketing campaigns with them… 

Amazon SES + Email octopus

Amazon SES + Email octopus- This is a combo of 2 products, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) and Email octopus… Amazon SES is a great and very cheap email sending service but to send emails and maintain mailing lists, you will need a third-party service like Email Octopus, this combination is great for affiliate marketing and you can easily send thousands of emails every day…


If you don’t want to hassle with email delivery optimization, and technical stuff, and need a simple platform to send and analyze email campaign performance, Aweber is a great choice for you… It is an email marketing tool that aligns your email marketing sequence and gives you accurate data. Aweber helps appropriately target your emails and drip campaigns by segmenting audiences. It is a great tool for beginner-level marketers.

Kj Rocker’s #1 Choice

I tested tens of email marketing platforms, Some cost way too much, Some cost less but have really bad features, Activecampaign is a platform I use, which doesn’t cost an arm and leg, has great features and helps you maintain your domain health while ensuring great email delivery…

Campaign Optimization

Driving a maximum amount of traffic to your campaigns is your bread and butter. Therefore, it is essential to make sure your campaigns work optimally and everything is smooth and optimized…

Here are a few tools I recommend for campaign optimization!  

Kj Rocker Recommended Affiliate Campaign Optimization Tools

The Optimizer 

Days when we used to use excel spreadsheets to calculate our ROI and campaign performance are gone. With the help of TheOptimizer, you can automatically Optimize and manage your campaigns with a click of a button. The Optimizer helps you to make rules which once applied pause and runs your campaigns automatically, filters and blacklists bad performing placements ensuring that your budget is only spent on those placements which are making you money. Similarly, it helps you split test landing pages and offers across all kind of traffic sources. 


AdEspresso lets you test ad variants on Facebook and gives insights into selecting the best target audiences, reducing budgets and optimizing ROI, etc. 


Owned by one of my dear friends, landing track is a combo of affiliate tracker and affiliate traffic tracker. It workes smoothly with plenty of networks and is relatively cheap as compared to other traffic trackers as well as optimization platforms. It is a great tool for those who are looking for an Artificial intelligence-powered traffic tracker with affordable rates. 

Kj Rocker’s #1 Choice

The Optimizer is so far the best optimization tool. It is one of the best and must-have tool for every affiliate, Its truly a set and forget tool where you once define rules, It will optimize your campaigns itself, No need to manually pause keywords, placements or zone ids let The Optimizer decide which offer, Landing page and placement/keyword/zone id is converting best for you..

Best Hosting For Affiliate Marketing


I have tried many hosting services throughout the years. However, I have been using Vultr for hosting my campaigns since last year. It is the best hosting provider for affiliates. It is an easy and most affordable option with perfection hosting solution available to the affiliates.

Amazon AWS

Amazon is a big name when it comes to cloud hosting, They are great however they are equally complicated and great for content delivery etc but if you are considering them for hosting purposes, You or one of your team members must have technical knowledge about servers and how to set them up.

Kj Rocker’s #1 Choice

For affiliate CPA Marketing campaigns, Vultr is the best and the cheapest solution, Deploying servers is pretty quick and the whole process is very easy, get your campaigns live within a few minutes.

SEO Tools

Quality wise the best quality traffic you are ever going to get is from SEO, it may take some time to rank your affiliate websites but once you have started getting the traffic it will be all worth it. Having the right SEO tools is a must if you are interested in ranking your websites as they help you to find the right keywords you can rank for and help you achieve your goals easily! You need an SEO tool to analyze competitor content, conduct on-page audits, research keywords with the most potential, and of course, keep a tab on your backlinks.


Spyfu is an all-in-one tool for SEO & PPC, The best choice for affiliates and digital marketers looking for SEO or PPC keyword research. It offers a complete SEO marketing suite, PPC analyzer, historical website data, competitor analysis, and backlink reports.


Semrush is a great tool not only for SEO but also for PPC, it is a great marketing research tool that helps you analyze strong points of your competitors and analyze what is working best for them. If you know how to use this tool it can be a great resource for you and help you succeed with SEO, PPC and Media buying.


Ahrefs helps you find new opportunities for potential keywords you can easily rank for, helps you find high-quality opportunities with building high-quality backlinks.

Rank Math

Days of Yoast SEO tools are gone, Rank Math is the new SEO plugin you must have in your arsenal. It achieves everything Yoast was made for but without slowing your website. It is a great tool without making setup complicated for you with amazing results.

These tools and more will help you set yourself up for the big 2022! Check out all of the mentioned affiliate marketing tools, choose the ones you need and like best, and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts!

Always looking forward to feedback! Happy marketing in 2022!

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