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Vimmy Push Advertising Network Review 2023

The best thing about being a blogger is that you get to test out new traffic sources. I am always on the lookout for the new traffic sources which I can use to promote offers. Last month one such network Vimmy Ad network’s team approached me to test their platform and try out their traffic.

Vimmy is based in the Netherlands, Self-Serve Platform which provides traffic in Push, Pop under and In page Push formats. 

Their Top GEOs Include :

USA, Brazil, Indonesia, India, France, Germany and Spain

Getting Started With Vimmy :

Their signup process is pretty straight forward. Once you have signed up you can fund your account by choosing between Visa/Mastercard, Webmoney, Paxum, Wire Transfer and Euro Wire Transfer.

The Minimum Deposit Required is $50.

Minimum Deposit Requirements

Vimmy provides a unique opportunity to its customers – commission-free account replenishment. They undertake all commissions when replenishing the balance, which is 3% on average.

Their Conversion tracking is simple and all you have to do is to select your tracking software and copy your postback url to use in your tracker. 

Setting Up Voluum For Vimmy Ad Network

Voluum doesn’t have Vimmy Ad Network in their templates yet so here is how you can add Vimmy as a traffic source in your Voluum tracker.

In traffic sources tab, click on Add new traffic source 

Save 45% on Voluum annual plan

Voluum is the industry leader in affiliate tracking field. They are the best option available in terms of tracking for all the affiliate marketers. Voluum is the biggest and most innovative tracking platform. In the industry where regular updates are very rare. The team behind voluum has always come up with regular updates which makes it my first choice.

Vimmy Push Advertising Network Review 2023
Setting Up Tracking Source On Voluum
Vimmy Push Advertising Network Review 2023
Add Traffic Source Button On Voluum Tracker

Once you click on Add Traffic Source, next you will see this screen, Here you will click on create custom traffic source.

Now follow exact same template below:  

Vimmy Push Advertising Network Review 2023
Traffic Source Settings on Voluum

The macros here you are going to track are :

Click_id : For tracking clicks and reporting conversions back to Vimmy
Bid : For tracking cost per click so your tracker can count exactly how much you are paying per click 

Placement_id:  To track placements, Used for optimization purposes. 

Campaign_id:  To track Campaign id, Used for optimization and monitoring performance.

Site_id : For tracking site ids. Used for optimization purposes.

Creative_id:  For tracking creative performance, Used for Optimization purposes.
Age: For tracking Subscriber age, Again used for Optimization purposes. 

Campaign Creation

Vimmy Push Advertising Network Review 2023
Campaign Setup on Vimmy Ad Network

Once you have sorted your funds and tracking setup the next step is to start launching your campaigns. Before you do that I would highly suggest you check out their Traffic Chart to get an idea about the traffic process and how much you should be bidding, To start with I personally always bid higher than the recommended bid.

Pro Tip : Always before you launch a campaign ask your affiliate manager which devices are performing best for your offer and what browsers, cities, OS versions are converting best also always launch mobile and desktop campaigns separately and IOS and Android campaigns separately. Follow this and you will save a good amount of money. 

Make Most Out Of Your Affiliate Network Managers
Vimmy Push Advertising Network Review 2023
Campaign Setup on Vimmy Ad Network

Now that you have funded your account, know what you will bid, You can go ahead and create a new campaign.

At this step I will assume you already have your creatives ready, If not you can read this guide on my previous article.

Vimmy Push Advertising Network Review 2023

In the campaign creation phase everything is self explanatory, Campaign name is whatever the name you have for your campaign and  in the target URL you will have to add your campaign link from the tracker. Some trackers have traffic source templates but they don’t have click_id={click_id} in their templates so make sure you add that into your tracker as well.

Adding Creatives

The next step is an important one, You need to add creative title. For me titles with emojis work best.

For example :

🎁 Here’s a gift to make your weekend even BETTER
🚚 Your Free Gift Card Is On Its Way!
🔔 Jack Sent You a Message!

In the description line your message should be aligned with the angle you are using. For example!

An amazing news is waiting for you, Check your horoscope to find out what it could be 🔥🔥
Confirm Your Delivery Address to Claim Your Free card 💳

Pro tip :

Create a Spreadsheet and brainstorm on titles and descriptions, Try to build a database of titles and descriptions and split test them all. This will help you build a massive database of titles and descriptions which work for every niche.

Once you have your titles and descriptions ready, The next step is to choose a creative image. For this step you will have to get into your prospect’s head and try to understand what your ideal prospect is thinking and what are the things they desire. For example if you are promoting a horoscope offer, Why do people want to check their horoscope, Is it because they are tight on money and trying to check if they will get lucky in coming days or not or its a student who has his fingers crossed on his exams and is trying to find out if he or she will pass his/her exams. Same way it could be someone who is maybe waiting for his job offer, business deal etc etc.

Creative section is something you really need to work on, And consulting customers know this is something I sometimes spend weeks searching and trying to figure out. I could go on and on about knowing your audience, But for now I am sure you will understand how important this section is and that you should really spend a good amount of time on this. I would advise adding at least 5 creatives to properly test a campaign.

Vimmy Push Advertising Network Review 2023

In the next step you will have to choose your GEO and after that set bids and budget. We already discussed the bid above. Everyone has their own rules about budget, I usually these days set min 5X offer payout to text an offer.

Capping is another feature which you should be using, Usually I limit impression capping to 1 per 24 hours so instead of sending push to the same person i can send push notifications to as many people as possible.

Deliver method, I usually leave it on its own and do not touch it.

In Targeting its better to target each device and OS separately. It’s always a good idea to ask your affiliate manager about the top converting Operating System, Browser and ISP etc so you can only target those which are already converting well. 

User activity is one of the best features in Vimmy. A feature not many Push notification networks have, It helps you to target only those prospects who have recently subscribed to the push notifications, This ensures that your notifications are shown to the people who are not used to seeing push notifications everyday and are more likely to convert. You can also customize the setting by selecting age range yourself.

One thing to note here is that the feresher a subscriber, The higher CPC you will have to pay because most of the advertisers are trying for the fresh subscribers.

Vimmy Push Advertising Network Review 2023
Campaign Setup on Vimmy Ad Network

Once you have completed all these steps you should be ready to launch your campaign, And the only step now left is to save the campaign and let it run for a while,

Once you have enough data, You can easily exclude bad performing  placements, Sites and Ip addresses so you can only spend your budget on those sites and placements which are making you profits.


Vimmy is new network to me. I didn’t try Vimmy network before, I started with a $250 budget on this network and my first campaign results were positive and I was able to make my campaign profitable. The best thing about Vimmy is their moderation process is really quick and your campaigns are approved within minutes. Also, the freedom to block placements, sites and IP really helps advertisers in optimization and cutting down the bad traffic sources. 

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