Why Super Affiliates Use Cloud Web Hosting

By: Jennifer Nicole
Business Development Manager, Name

Finally, your campaigns are ramping up nicely!

You’re watching your daily profit stack up by the hour with your finger mashed on F5…

All of a sudden, BAM. Your server falls over.

Thousands of clicks you’re paying for are quickly sent to a Service Unavailable page.

You reach out to your web host and they act like you are a needle in a haystack. They may get to you in a couple of hours.  It doesn’t matter, they have thousands of other customers coming in daily; so what if you leave!

You are forced to pause your winning campaigns and your competitors are quick to jump on your placements.

Ever have something like this happen?

Trust me, there is nothing worse than having a bunch of campaigns working, only to be stopped by a crappy server!

So you decide to be smart with your hosting and move everything to the Cloud.  Unlike traditional dedicated servers, the Cloud pools together resources from multiple servers allowing for a very reliable, secure, and scalable network. But where do you start?

There is a lot of buzz around the Amazon cloud.  But unless you know your way around the command line in SSH, you’re not going to be live within the hour.

That is where we come in.  


Name Hero specializes in high performance cloud based managed servers for Internet Marketers.

For the last decade plus we’ve catered to high volume clients across the globe who purchase millions of dollars in online media.  Our network is built with solid state drives that include Raid 10.  We have data centers in both the United States and in Europe to ensure the closest location to your media buys.

We also offer Web Host Manager and cPanel with every server.  Most of you are familiar with using cPanel, therefore we threw it in the cloud to make you even more comfortable.  Time is money so we make it possible for you to have your server online within the next 15 minutes!

How To Setup Your Managed Cloud Server In 15 Minutes:

The Name Hero Managed Cloud is the perfect hosting solution for:

  • Revive Ad Server (one click installation)
  • iMobiTrax
  • CPV Lab
  • Prosper 202 (one click installation)
  • WordPress
  • Xenforo Message Boards
  • And Much More!

We also offer CloudFlare (w/Railgun), Cheap Domain Registration, Privacy Protection, and more so you can manage everything on one simple platform.

If you’re looking to upgrade your infrastructure into the cloud, come check us out, we’d be more than happy to help you out!

PS: I’m also on LinkedIn 😉

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