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Working with credible brands and Advertising on Facebook / Adwords

One of the most frequently asked question for me these days is, How you manage to promote your offers on Adwords, Facebook without nay trouble as those who know me are also aware that I have almost 3 year old account with Facebook and google which never got banned and have been working smoothly since day one without any compliance problems etc.

These days I hear a lot about how its getting hard to promote any kind of offers on the main stream networks, Personally I always believe  its just time when our industry should realize times have changed a lot and we cant really continue doing what we have been doing for years…

Anyways coming back to the topic how to work with top brands and promote them on mainstream networks like Facebook and Google here is a video I recorded today …

P.S  I get very nervous when recording myself of where ever I am filed so I hope you will ignore how nervous I look in video and focus more on the content I share…


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