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Advertising Competitive Analysis with AdClarity


Because it is so profitable (and, some would argue – so easy!), the online advertising ecosystem has gotten fiercely competitive.  Ensuring your continued (or newly found) success in it depends on constantly monitoring your competitors and the industry as a whole.  But constantly monitoring and analyzing uses up your resources.  How can you constantly be in the know without sacrificing the time you need to work on your own media plans?

The answer is, naturally, getting someone else to do it for you.  But hiring and training people comes with its own headaches.  And humans are error-prone and require a lot of time to manage . . . No, you don’t need employees – you need ROBOTS!

Enter AdClarity’s Advertising Competitive Analysis.  This automated system is a god-send in its ability to track the industry, monitor competitors, reduce test budgets, and save time.

 How does it do this? Basically, it uses principles of competitive intelligence and applies them to advertising.  AdClarity monitors the display ecosystem and aggregates immense amounts of data into meaningful and useful information you can use to:

1.Find new traffic sources

By analyzing competitors’ successful traffic sources, you can find new markets to target, new publishers to use, new networks to mediate through, and much more.

2. Avoid costly mistakes

By keeping up with test campaigns your competitors (and other industry players) run, you can avoid the tests that don’t work.  This saves you both time and money.

3.Learn from others

By revealing the messaging, offering, creative designs, and networks that others work with, you can deduce what works for them.  This way, you can easily duplicate (and improve on!) their success.

4.Be in the know

You don’t have to manually research the industry.  Automatic updates find you any time a competitor launches a new campaign in a new market, a network launches a new media initiative, or any other important event occurs.

5.Get connected to the right people

When you use MI to find the sites and networks you want to work with, AdClarity can give you the correct contact details for the people you need to connect with.  No more filling out generic contact forms.  No more calling the main number and being stopped by the gatekeeper.  You get access to the right person’s name, email, and phone number.

AdClarity has many features and part of its usefulness is that each person can use it in the way that best suits their operation.  Overall, it is definitely a tool that is a necessity in the cut-throat competition of online media.  You know that you need advertising competitive analysis – using AdClarity is the smart way to get it.

The SearchEngineJournal says: “If you want to truly outperform your competitors, the first step is investing in a user-friendly, comprehensive competitive intelligence tool . . . AdClarity has just what you need.”

But you don’t need to take our word for it.  You don’t need to take Search Engine Journal’s word for it.  What you need is to see it in action, try it yourself, and decide if it is beneficial to your own operation.  Visit for more information.

Disclosure :This is a sponsored post.

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