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Food for thought.

Hey guys!

Miss Rocker here, So I am back in the usual routine of posting at you guys when I feel that I have something you will benefit from, some of you big shots may think oh what a bore, but give it a chance, learning isn’t just for newbies, it is an ongoing experience that one should never drop. Whether that’s revising over things that you haven’t in a VERY LONG TIME or something that you just picked up.

So today’s brainwave was management, what really is it and where do we get it and why do we do it?

Management can be defined as “The process of controlling things or people.” To be simple and clear, but there are many different definitions and viewpoints,  but if I go through them all…. We are going to be here a long time, and I want my self-improvement and help posts to be quick and short for your convenience.  I also  want to link you to something that will help you in your CPA field.

So Management is about controlling and organisation but a manager cannot be an owner, this reference was taken from a guy called Max Webster who had this whole theory on management and Bureaucracy. So an owner is someone who reaps and loses everything right? Self employed with your own Online company or blog or site promoting these offers. are you really the owner? Aren’t the people you take the offers from? The networks and relations the owners? In effect they are your bosses? Makes sense right? Now don’t jump to anything and go create your own network for the sake of being your own boss (No issues with people who own networks), because maybe Webster is wrong? He said that a manager is a career professional, not the top boss, but who is this the top boss in this industry? You “Manage” your business, therefore 60% of IMers label themselves managers, but aren’t you owners? You run your work right? You OWN a blog or site right? Confused?

OK, let’s just re-cap and look back to the purpose of this post. The above information was just a little food for thought the real purpose  s to give you a few tips on how to be a good “Manager”, not owner, because let’s face it, you technically don’t own anything. Your sites are using hosting, without hosting you can’t have that site? So that’s not even yours? Your offers and products are provided by networks? You don’t own them, but this does not mean that you are not the boss.

Sorry, I did again food for thought 😛

So here we go, the first topic I want to throw at you is time management. 

Again all you big shots and successors may think “Oh I know all this, this is an old trick in the book, move on.” But just hear me out?  Time management  is something that people always say they will do but never have the time to do it (Which is quite ironic). But they underestimate the power of free will and letting things flow, because lets face it calenders, diaries, notes and fridge magnets don’t work. For 90% of the population these methods tend to fail, but I don’t want to discriminate, because there is some people it works for. So If you are one of the people who just can’t grab the hang of this formal time management then try the “Miss Rocker Mind Method”.

So what is this all about? The way that I manage my time is creating a mental plan, by mentally telling myself what I am going to do in the day or week I have a rough idea and vaguely map out how in my mind, because the human mind is the best tool one posses. So why don’t we use it (Please refer to my Miss Rocker blog for a series of posts that I am starting about how you can use psychology to succeed and improve), when you have something in your mind it is either on your mind all the time or transferred to “the back of your mind” for later reference. The best way to adapt this is to keep a constant mental reminder of what needs doing when. Sometime it’s good to annoy yourself so much you need to do something that for self satisfaction you will just do it, even if it is not due or needed for a few days or while. It never harms to be ahead of time right? Try it and I hope to hear how it goes.

Referring back to the management and not being an owner, time

Peace out guys.

Miss Rocker

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