Clickky Adds CPI to Twitter Mobile App Promotion Campaigns

Reaching the goals of a mobile app marketing campaign depends highly on the advertising partner and whether it is able to bring enough traffic. Clickky already has an impressive ad inventory. An extensive network of affiliates, partnerships with leading SSPs and ad networks, and the status of Facebook ad provider are the company’s main weapons. The addition of mobile app promotion on Twitter makes Clickky toolkit even more powerful.

Clickky Advertising platform

At the end of June, Twitter announced that its mobile app promotion campaigns went out of the beta phase. According to the official blog post, advertisers were impressed with the results which Twitter was able to reach. Clickky started a negotiation process with Twitter and now it has access to the network’s mobile app promotion campaigns.

Twitter campaigns have lots of benefits compared to other app promotion tools and solutions. Among them is the giant user base of 255 million monthly active users, detailed targeting and native ads.

The main benefit of working with Clickky, rather than Twitter itself, is the campaign model Clickky offers. The mobile app marketing platform offers to acquire users on CPI basis, while Twitter calculates the campaign cost based on CPC. It means that with Clickky the developer pays only for new active users, no matter the partner’s pricing options.

Additionally, the company’s services include creating stunning visuals for its advertisers and setting precise targeting. Prior to the campaign, Clickky will create a Twitter account and app cards for the developer. During the campaign, Clickky will be testing different options and optimize them for the best-performing one. Clickky’s expertise in mobile advertising allows creating engaging ads with high conversion rates and absolutely for free. Thus advertisers will be able to meet their goals without overspending their budget, because they will pay only per install (CPI).

Another benefit is the possibility to use Clickky’s impressive ad inventory in addition to the campaign on Twitter. Mobile app promotion with Clickky means that advertisers can add Facebook advertising, Clickky affiliate network, other social media and app discovery channels to the mix. This will give a bigger boost to the app user base, rather than a campaign on Twitter only. Moreover, Clickky will help analyze which sources bring users of the highest quality. This will help app developers spend their marketing budget in the most effective way possible.

Clickky CEO Vadim Rogovskiy says: “Working with Twitter is important for our clients. We have gained access to lots of non-incentivized inventory. It means that now we’re able to acquire more users with high LTV. Lots of high-quality installs during a short-term period will boost apps’ ranks in top grossing charts. Besides, using our standard CPI model for ad campaigns means that our advertisers will be able to compare cross-channel ad performance. This way they’ll understand easily what’s the best way to acquire new users for their apps.”


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Registered in London, United Kingdom. Also, Clickky has offices in Russia and Ukraine and representatives in Asia and in USA. Partnering with dozens of direct mobile advertisers and with thousands of publishers. Clickky delivers exceptional results for its clients.

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