Fb Lead Chef Review

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Hey guys,

Miss rocker here, back with something to get you the leads you want… But this time I have taken feedback into account and I will be giving you some more background knowledge about the buildup and benefits of the basis of this product before I tell you what it is!

So I did my research the time and was looking at a few sites and I am giving you something that we have discussed previously on our blog; CUSTOM AUDIENCES (In reference to Facebook Ads).
Facebook is one of the strongest, if not THE strongest social media site these days. There are millions and millions of users each day; from different ends of the world, different cultures, religions and people with different personalities and interests. Where could you get so much diversity?
So let’s talk about Facebook as a social media site, rather than as a tool for advertising….

Let me take you back in time… If you are a constant reader or subscriber you will remember our article (Referenced above) about how custom audiences make big money on Facebook! This is a method that helps you target people who are already in a group related to a certain interest, so you are not second guessing with Facebook, you know where they are coming from, right from the horse’s mouth!
For example, a person who likes a CPA pages shows he has an interest or likes the topic right? So why not get those people who are genuinely interest? Sound good? Then read on and this product is for YOU my friend…

Moving on to the product “FB LEAD CHEF”…

FB lead chef Is introduced as a “Social Intelligence marketing”…. I don’t know about you but when I first read this I got chills up my spine and wanted to know more!!
This product is a software that helps you use the tools Facebook have created for your own marketing to convert like crazy!

So let’s go back to the groups and events that are put together on Facebook, because liking a page is old school, people are making groups and starting events these days! So how would you like to get in on that info? Get it in on those groups and events to use for YOUR marketing? Fb lead chef is going to take you there…… Not only are you going to find people that are truly passionate about your niche…. But you can get access to their information; emails for YOUR LIST!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time waiting for a google ad to convert, waiting for a page to get a certain amount of likes or building a list from a subscription that you know ip isn’t going to work, let FB KEAD CHEF HELP YOU!

From the dedicated development team, to the quality assurance support team to the team over at Facebook, you have a 110% assurance of support and complaints procedures, problem solvers are ready for your feedback and there is teams of people that are there to answer any questions you may have….


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  1. I just saw this post! I came across is on Google..
    I bought this product a while back and did not realize you are reviewing it also, it is a great product which offers great results, to just take people from groups is more targeted than any Facebook categories! I love the way it was designed.. such a genius!

    thanks miss rocker! 🙂

  2. GerrarD says:

    Doesn’t using this software run the risk of having your fb account deactivated?

  3. Had no problems with it so far …