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Case Study: Promoting Middle East Offers on Selfadvertiser

SelfAdvertiser is a self-service ad platform by Intango, Which was launch in 2014. Overall they have 33k direct publishers and serve almost 75 Million impressions daily.

SelfAdvertiser’s top verticals include E-commerce, health, finance, Sport, Mobile Apps, Sweepstakes, Mobile content, Travel gaming and gambling/

SelfAdvertiser Targeting Options:

Frequency CappingDay Partying
Operating System IPs & ISPs
Carrier targetingDomain

Tools & features:

Traffic EstimatorCSV Campaign Management
Daily Budget Per CampaignWhitelist & blacklist Sites
Auto OptimizerGlobal Blacklist
Daily Budget Per SiteAPI Campaign Management
Inventory Volume ToolServer 2 Serve Postback

SelfAdvertiser Adformats:

Push AdsDomain Redirect
In-Push PushPOP

My Campaign Details:

I decided to test the traffic source with $250 Advertising Budget .

Campaign Details :
Offeer: E-com offers ( Arabclicks/Admitad )

Campaign Flow:

First you signup to the optin Page and then you will be redirected to the offer and added in the followup email series.

Resources Used:

Hosting : Vultr Hosting
Landing Pages: Optimize Press
Tracking: Landing Track/ Google Analytics
Other Tools : Aweber for list building , SMS : firetext

The basic idea:

Most of the eCommerce campaigns in the Middle East work through tracked affiliate coupons. This means you have a dedicated coupon which you can use to promote an offer, this method works great because you are not only promoting an offer but also helping people save money. If you are promoting a product or a brand which is very well known it is pretty easy to generate conversions and sales.

Where promoting tracked affiliate coupon offers in the Middle East, filtering traffic sources efficiently is a challenge too. As with coupon conversions you can’t figure out which subid your conversions are coming from. For this reason, I decided to collect visitor information. This way It will be easy to optimize and filter traffic sources through which user’s signed up and this will allow me to scale my campaign.

I started with a generic campaign, with creatives showing users how they can get exclusive discount coupons for their favourite brands. With 0.10%-0.12% CTR there were zero conversions, I had spent $96 without any conversions, So I decided to pause the campaign and rethink my plan.

Push Notifications Creative 910614
Push Notifications Creative 910613
Creative NameImpressionsClicksCTRCostConversions
910613 653,332 6590.10%$44.4830
910614660,873 782 0.12%$52.7850

When I checked my email my affiliate manager from Admitad sent me a special 10% Discount for Emirates Airlines. I decided to create a new campaign with an Emirates Airline theme, as almost everyone living in UAE knows about Emirates and it is a solid brand. So I created a dedicated opt-in page and thank you page.

New Creatives:

SelfAdvertiser Push notifications  Casestudy Creative 1
Creative 1
SelfAdvertiser Push notifications  Casestudy Creative 3
Creative 3
SelfAdvertiser Push notifications  Casestudy landing page
Optin Landing Page
SelfAdvertiser Push notifications  Casestudy Thank You
Thank You Page
Creative NameImpressionsClicksCTRCostConversions
Creative 1499,8501,3220.26% $30.40630
Creative 2502,229 1,227 0.24%$28.22129
Creative 3502,3511,231 0.25%$28.31330

Spent: $86.94
Earned: $214
Profit/Loss: $127.06

SelfAdvertiser Converions
Conversions on Affiliate Network

CPC Bid:

Throughout my tests, I kept my push CPC bids at $0.0230 as per average CPC suggestions on https://selfadvertiser.com/traffic-counter/ For the UAE GEO. I did not change CPC throughout the campaign.

Results: ( Winner Campaign )

Profit/Loss (Winner campaign) : $127.06
Earning Per subscriber: 1.144


I have tested and ran campaigns on many advertising networks but I was not expecting results as good as these, considering I didn’t change the bids and kept them at average CPC according to their traffic counter tool. There was no traffic filtering and all the campaigns were on Run Of Network (RON). My last campaign after (a little bit tweaking with landing page and creatives) gave me $127.06 profit. This proves there is massive potential in SelfAdvertiser Push campaigns.

One the best things about SelfAdvertiser is that they buy direct traffic from the publishers. Which means they have direct control over traffic and unlike many DSPs, Their traffic is of very high quality. This is the reason my campaign performed well on RON traffic.

I would also like to mention their top class support which I received from my account manager. I noticed their traffic is not saturated yet so the conversion rates are amazing. I have tried many other networks but most of them don’t have good volume for the UAE and the Middle East. However, surprisingly SelfAdvertiser has 3,662,935 Daily Impressions in the UAE on Android and 10,430,240 Impressions In Saudi Arabia on Android.

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