Corona Virus Affiliate Marketing

How to beat coronavirus Impact on Affiliate Marketing

We’ve now come into the times of pandemic, when all people around may worry a lot about what tomorrow brings, save money and, as you may think, spend much less on ads. But it’s not always like that. 

RichPush, a high-quality push notification traffic network, reveals there are quite a lot of opportunities for affiliate marketers. It’s the right time to dive into the new ad format, try new verticals that can help people, and use the $200 bonus by RichPush to maximize your ROI.

First of all, RichPush has launched a fresh format of push ads called in-page push notifications not so long ago. This new and already popular word in affiliate marketing has evolved from the industry challenges connected with iOS limitations for push notifications and Chrome restrictions by Google. 

In-page Push notifications for growing your ROI

As we all know, the Chrome browser made it much more difficult to show push notifications to users, potential subscribers, bringing closer the so-called ‘death of push’. Plus, push ads are not valid for iOS devices making iPhone’s users quite inaccessible.

But that’s exactly why in-page push notifications appeared.

  1. As they are a mix of push and pop ads, Chrome’s updates do not limit the viewability of in-page push ads to users in any way.
  1. In-page push ads look like traditional push ads: 100% viewable and non-intrusive.
  1. There is no delay between the time when the ad is displayed and the time when a user clicks on it.
  1. iOS users will finally be able to see your notification ads. Thus, Apple audience hasn’t got used to this type of ads yet wich, in turn, increases clicks and conversions.

RichPush team has already collected the results: conversion rates became 4 times higher compared to common push ads. CTR showed 3 times increase.

The new format is available on your campaign settings page at RichPush: just choose the relevant subscriber lists or contact your personal manager.

Top affiliate marketing verticals during the pandemic

There is still a question of what ads to run to meet the demand. After making some research, RichPush also found out that some verticals would be more popular these times. 

Here are the top 5 for you to check:

  • Nutra
  • Gambling
  • Gaming
  • Online Dating and Adult
  • Finance

Use recommendations

Receive a $200 bonus for your campaigns

RichPush team encourages you to learn more, try the new and run your push ad campaigns effectively. They give a $200 bonus to new clients and those with zero balance who haven’t deposited since Feb, 25. 

To participate, from March 25, 2020, to April 25, 2020 follow the steps:

  1. Register at RichPush or log in.
  2. Make a deposit and insert X2BONUS promo code when adding funds / tell it to your Account Manager.
  3. Spend $200 on your push ad campaigns.
  4. Confirm to your account manager you’ve completed the terms.
  5. Receive a bonus of $200 to your acc within 24h.


  • Clients with brand email domains are allowed to participate. 
  • Hurry up and be among 100 participants. Check all the terms here.

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