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How to increase the chance for your content to go viral quickly

When you write content for your blog or website, do you believe that your content will go viral quickly? Most probably, you will think that people will spread your content around, but the reality hits you that the content you’ve written is not getting readership in a fast pace.

Viral content marketing

Then, you will look at some popular blogs and wonder why their content can go viral in a short amount of time and get spread by hundreds of thousands of people on social media. It seems too easy for them. But, why not you?

The answer is that it’s because their content clicks with their readers. Here are 5 tips to increase the chance for your content to go viral quickly:

Create an emotional click with your readers

This is something that needs to be your top priority. Your readers will not share your content anywhere if it doesn’t give them any emotional click. What is emotional click? You know, when you read something on the internet and you feel that the content inspires you, you will naturally hit the share button so that your friends can read it as well. This is called emotional click. It can be in the form of inspiration, motivation, some enlightenment, knowledge, or something else that comes right after reading your content.

Help your readers in some ways

Creating content that is pure information is not going to help you to spread it around. You need to create content that will be able to help your readers in some ways. You should be able to connect with them personally by helping them solve their personal life problems. For instance, creating content about getting out of debt quickly will give you more chance to go viral rather than content about the percentage of debt in the world. So, always make some effort to help your readers, and help them good. Really give solution that they can use indefinitely.

Use the passive strategy

What does it mean to use the passive strategy? Using the passive strategy simply means letting your readers to spread your content around by their own free will. You don’t encourage them to spread your content. You don’t keep reminding them to hit the share button day in and day out. You just create excellent content, watch their reaction, and create another. Don’t force your readers to share your content, but just leave the decision to them. This is the more effective strategy to help your content go viral quickly.

Know what works for your audience

The only way to create an excellent content that will go viral quickly is to observe your audience reaction toward your content. You need to test each of your content and determine what works to excite your audience. In other words, you need to spend some time in creating various types of content and find the type of content that brings the most traffic. Once you found it, it will be easier for you to create content that will have a high chance to go viral.

Make sure that your audience know and trust your brand

The last tip that you should pay attention to is your own brand image. People will be more willing to spread your content if they know and trust your brand. If you are still unknown to your audience, then you shouldn’t expect your content to get spread quickly the first day you hit the publish button. But, once you grow your brand authority, you will see that more of your content will get spread around more quickly simply because people know and trust your brand.

Those are some tips you can follow to increase the chance for your content to go viral quickly. Are you still having trouble attracting traffic to your content? Those tips may help you change your situation quickly.

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