Ways to use storytelling to help your content go viral

Storytelling is like a powerful fuel that will help to boost your viral content marketing. Without a worthy story to tell, your content is nothing. People will not pay much attention to your content because it is nothing special. Instead, people will pay attention to the content that contains powerful story, which often inspires them and changes their life. With a good storytelling element, your content can go viral more easily. Here are 5 ways to use storytelling to help your content go viral:

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1. Focus On The Good Flow Of Presentation

No matter how great your story, nobody will want to listen to it if you don’t present it in an interesting way. This is how your presentation needs to be done. It has to be interesting from start to finish. Well, it will depend on your content, though. If you are presenting your story in the form of video presentation, you need to ensure that your video is interesting to watch, with beautiful and smooth animation. On the other hand, if you are writing content for your blog, you need to fill it with images that will make your post look more interesting to read.

2. Write Your Content Around Touchy Subjects

Why should you write your content around touchy subjects? That’s because that’s how you’ll build personal connection with your audience. You need to touch the feeling of your audience in order to move them into taking action right after listening to your story. Touchy subjects will help you to create the necessary emotional trigger that will inspire your audience to share your content immediately after reading or watching it.

3. Reinforce The Story With Relevant Graphics

Everywhere it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is true, especially if you want to create a viral content. You will always find that most popular articles out there always have relevant graphics attached to it (often in the form of info graphics) that makes them even more interesting to read. It’s actually not only a matter of making your content more interesting with graphics, but it is also a matter of reinforcing your story with relevant graphics. It means that you need to make your story more alive with the graphics or images that you bring on it.

4. Always Aim To Create Positive Emotion With Your Story

While negative headline works well to create a kind of controversy and hot discussion, in the end, if you want to make a good viral content that will bring positive impact to your business, you need to aim to create positive emotion with your story. Let your readers to experience joy and happiness after reading your story. You can also make them feel hopeful with their life. Be the catalyst of happiness for your audience, and you’ll ensure that your content will get spread far and wide.

5. Just Think Outside Of The Box

Don’t follow the crowd and find your unique voice. People love to hear about unique things, and they generally hate to hear about the same things over and over again. When you think outside of the box, you will discover ideas that will not be the same with any other already existing content. Your content will stand out from the crowd, and of course, more people will notice it in a flash. By thinking differently from the norm and creating your own point of view, you will be able to create ravings audience that will follow your every move.

Those ways will help you to turn your storytelling into some kind of viral marketing tool that will help to spread the word about your content more effectively.

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