AdsEmpire Affiliate Network Review 2023

Hey guys! Today, I would like to introduce you to AdsEmpire, a global CPA network of today’s fast-growing affiliate networks! Focusing on the dating, games, crypto, dating, and sweepstakes verticals. So without any further delay, let’s get started with the AdsEmpire review!

AdsEmpire affiliate network
AdsEmpire affiliate network

About AdsEmpire

AdsEmpire is based in Hungary, is powered by the experienced team. Each of Affiliate manager has more than 5 years in the industry Managers working their best to help as many affiliates as possible.

Another great thing about them is that they constantly push out new tech and features that boost affiliate conversion rates. Their ultimate goal is to help you monetize 100% of your traffic through direct CPA offers and Smartlinks!

What Makes AdsEmpire Special?

AdsEmipre offers some significant advantages and advanced features which are a must-try for the affiliates, for example : 

  • Possibility to run CPA offers and Smart Links at the same time without any issues. 
  • CPA offers have exclusive direct worldwide offers available you won`t find anywhere else
  • SmartLinks have multiple offers in one. The advanced algorithms monetize close to 100% of your traffic. 
  • Automatic LP optimizations that can point out the LP weak points and help you optimize it for the best results
  • Great offers, users have access to incredible high converting offers from a range of verticals
  • Worldwide availability (over 50 countries are supported!) with a focus on Tier1.
AdsEmpire Affiliate Network Review 2023
AdsEmpire nominated for Web Services Company of the Year

Payments Methods and Threshold

AdsEmipre, by default, offers monthly payments min payment $250, but you can upgrade your account to support weekly payments. This upgrade is usually offered after you reach a weekly traffic volume that exceeds $2000 or more. 

The payment methods are as follows :

Wire Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Yandex. Money and Capitalist etc

Top Verticals 

Dating, Sweepstakes, Games, Finance and counting

AdsEmpire Dashboard

Top Offers By Revenue This Week


ScharfeLiebe — mob $4.00 / web $4.50 Chat-Flirts — mob $4.00 / web $4.50 LilaHerzen — mob $4.00 / web $4.50 KlasseLeute — mob $4.00 / web $4.50 Engelderliebe — mob $4.00 / web $4.50 FrecheSpiele — mob $4.00 / web $4.50 FlirtSpielchen — mob $4.00 / web $4.50 XxxKiosk — mob $4.00 / web $4.50 BumsFlirt — mob $4.00 / web $4.50 HomoRadar — mob $4.00 / web $4.50

Top Converting Traffic Sources This Week

Display/Banner Social Media Native Review sites Search/SEO/PPC Push

Meetups and Awards

Affiliate Grand Slam Best Marketing Solution Provider Of the year
Affiliate Grand Slam Best Marketing Solution Provider Of the year

AdsEmipre team regularly participates in all the major industry events. For example, during the Affiliate GrandGrabd Slam in Dubai, they received the best marketing solution provider of the year award.

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