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AdPlexity Review 2023: Is It Worth It? + Discount Code

Do you remember those days when you rigorously researched competitors and tried to copy or take inspiration from the campaigns they created? Although that was good practice, life in 2019-for that matter- 2020, is way more demanding and things need to be completed quicker. That’s what AdPlexity spying tool is for! 

One of the most popular spying tools for affiliate marketers, AdPlexity has been around since 2008. If you still aren’t using it, it’s about time you started. Why?

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Interview With Alex OM: Chief Marketing Officer AdPlexity Competitive Intelligence Tool

imagine a scenario where you had to randomly visit renowned websites to view and analyze their ads, without much information on how well they were performing or what’s working where. Hours go by and you do collect a little bit of information, but you aren’t sure what to do with it or whether the conclusions you have arrived at make sense or are accurate. AdPlexity makes all that easier and puts everything at your fingertips! How?

 It helps you research competitors and what they are doing in order to enhance your marketing efforts and ensure your strategies are competitive. It also helps you copy high-converting designs and use them for your own ads where needed. 

First of all, you need to research competition and/or high performing ads. Your research process can be based on a keyword, on a product, on a particular advertiser, publisher, or according to placement. 

Let’s explore this briefly: 

  • Keywords- You can choose to search for ads via certain keywords and you can also state whether that particular keyword should be in the ad, the landing page, etc. For example, cryptocurrency as a keyword will show you results of ads that are relevant and working well with this keyword mentioned.
  • Product or Advertiser- Selling cosmetics and want to search for ads via product? You can with AdPlexity and you can also search for a particular advertiser/affiliate to see exactly what they are doing and how it is working for them. Search for any product, advertiser and analyze how well their work is faring. 
  • Publisher- If you are interested in the ads posted on a certain website, you can also use that as search criteria. Lookup a particular website and go through the performance of all the ads on it. 
  • Placement- You can search for ads placed in a particular position on a website. For example, banners, pop-ups, squeeze pages, pop-under ads, re-directs, mobile web ads, in-app ads, etc.  

The AdPlexity spying tool is not limited to this though and offers several other features that make researching the competition, getting inspiration from ads that are working well and  achieving a higher click-through rate much easier. Here is what else you can do! 

  • Filter your results by criteria such as language, country, particular dates, ad type, device type, connection, traffic source, etc to get very specific results and exactly what you need within minutes
  • You can download a landing page that you like as a ZIP file with a code and you can customize it to suit your needs. This is literally a dealmaker and a feature that others don’t have. 
  • You can further filter results to newest, longest running, receiving the most traffic and easily browse ads in different categories
  • Like something you see? Search for other ads by the same advertiser very easily. You are free to pick favourites here.

What’s more important and imperative to mention in this AdPlexity review is that the tool is often updated, improved, and offers an amazing customer experience- factors that are essential for a contemporary affiliate marketer. If you want to look for mobile ads, desktop ads, banners, pop-ups, or anything else, you are free to customize your search and get results within seconds. 

What else? The tool lets you properly analyze trends from months and years to make appropriate decisions and forecast what the future may bring. Accordingly, you can develop informed strategies that are well researched and amazingly accurate. Graphs, charts, and diagrams make understanding trends very easy for you and make decision-making intuitive. 

AdPlexity has information from over 80 countries in its database- giving an affiliate the freedom to experiment, research, and gain valuable insight producing results and not only limiting to information. 

It covers native, adult, and mobile ads and has specialized software for each- AdPlexity Push, AdPlexity Mobile, AdPlexity Desktop, AdPlexity Native, AdPlexity Adult, AdPlexity eComm, and others.  You can find those here with an AdPlexity discount code. 

The software is compatible with Windows, Safari, and Chrome. 

The cons? There is a plus and a minus side to everything. Hence, it is important to mention the cons of AdPlexity as well. The list is not extensive but there are a few factors that require consideration. First and foremost, the user interface can require some getting used to and you may need to adjust to using it initially.

 Unlike other software and tools, AdPlexity does not offer a free trial. You either take it or leave it and most people opt to take it. It is slightly expensive and may not be conducive to the budget of a startup. However, Adplexity discount codes are found everywhere on the Internet and can easily be used to get a considerable percentage off. 

Now, competitor research will take no more than 30 minutes to an hour and you can easily take inspiration from competitors and automatically make your strategies just as lucrative. The spying tool saves you plenty of time and helps you increase revenue to heights that you never previously imagined. 

Ready to try spying on your competitors now? It’s never been easier and more beneficial! 

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