Why You Should Work Direct With Advertisers and skip Affiliate Networks

10 Clever Hacks Every Affiliate Marketer Should Know

I have always benefited from small growth hacks and ideas, which I used to boost my campaigns. They always produce great results for me. It is hard to remember or document such ideas; however, I decided to write a few hacks that helped me with my campaigns. I never discussed some of them publicly before; I hope you will enjoy reading them and implementing them to get similar positive results as I achieved with my campaigns.

Ask affiliate managers to provide relevant data.

Through my experience of offering to consult to affiliates throughout the years, One thing which always surprises me is how many affiliates ignore their affiliate managers and don’t take advantage of the support and help they can get from their affiliate managers. They can connect you with the best converting and less saturated traffic networks, help you with the angles, Help you with the offer creatives which convert best. 

Get the best payout by skipping affiliate networks.

10 Clever Hacks Every Affiliate Marketer Should Know
Here is how much I save on Insurance Offers

It’s a great option to start with an affiliate network. It provides you with the security of getting paid on time and a less complicated process; however, you may be leaving half your money on the table just because you are not working direct. For example, in my main niche, I increased my revenue by 50% compared to working through an affiliate network. Also, media buying costs are growing every day, and if we look at overall payouts, they are almost the same as in 2010, resulting in minimal margins for affiliates. 

I must also mention that going direct is not for everyone as you need to have a consistent volume, and you need to be well established in your niche. 

Affiliate Network With Own Offers

You could take your first step by joining Leadbit, a network that owns most of its offers. This way, you will have access to exclusive offers, best possible payouts, and you can even send leads to them through API for some of their campaigns ( I will write about this in detail in the coming days). 

Traffic Sources: Ask them if they have their creative team. 

Bar Facebook and Google, most advertising networks have internal media buying teams who understand their advertising network algorithm better than anyone else, Don’t be cheap. Make a reasonable offer if you know a traffic source has quality traffic for your niche, and that will give you access to their internal media buying team, who will help you generate the best results for your ad spend. 

More than money or budget, your communication skills matter, Are you a good negotiator? If not, learn to be one. 

Pro Tip

Go Direct with the top converting traffic feeds

I hate giving this one away openly like this, but the truth is this is my bread and butter, Join top ad networks run campaigns and see which feeds, which traffic suppliers are working best for you. Once you can identify them, Approach them directly and see if you can make a deal. Once again, negotiation skills will matter a lot, and if you are a good negotiator, you can easily take over the whole geo/niche on a traffic source.

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Free flights for spending money on ad networks? Marketers thousands of dollars every month on advertising, How about applying for an American Express card which will earn you reward points, Which can be redeemed on flights, hotels, car rentals and more. ( LAMBO RENTALS!!!🏎️🏎️🏎️ ) 

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Ask tool Providers to give you a discount / buy annual memberships 

Want to save money on tools? Buy annual subscriptions and save money; most providers will be willing to offer you better deals on subscriptions. If you don’t want to pay for yearly subscriptions, ask them to provide you with quarterly subscriptions with exclusive discounts, No one wants to lose customers. They may not have these packages publically, but most of them are easy to work with, and they will be happy to keep you as a customer. All you have to do is to ASK! 

Special Affiliate Marketing Deals

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Ask Advertisers for exclusive landers and creative packs.

Most advertisers use multiple landing pages optimized specially for specific advertising networks; don’t look at the offer page available to you on the affiliate network. Instead, ask your affiliate manager or the advertiser to give you access to top converting landing pages or optimized pages for a specific traffic source. A good advertiser will create you a new page if they don’t have one. 

affiliate landing page code
Ask affiliate managers to provide landing pages and creatives.

Buy traffic from ad networks/advertisers.

Did you know many affiliate networks sell traffic too? So if you have got an excellent converting funnel, you can ask your affiliate networks to let you advertise and send traffic to your funnel. Again negotiation skills matter here too. 

You will find many affiliate networks with internal push subscribers. You can easily buy traffic from them.

Pro Tip

Join as a premium advertiser by signing IO and getting credit accounts/ and other benefits. 

Sometimes maintaining cash flow becomes tricky when you have advertisers who pay you after a month or 2. In this case, you can apply for credit accounts with your advertising network and pay when you get paid by the advertiser. Also, many networks can offer you more perks if you spend a certain amount of money.

For example, our friends at MGID offer up to 25% credit match for deposits from $500 to $5,000 and also assign you a dedicated account manager if you use our link more details here.

Ask aff managers to help you with the resources and tools for free.

Buying all tools can be expensive, For example, all kinds of spy tools, analysis tools, tracking etc. Most networks have exclusive deals with the service providers, and they can also help you save money on tools and even offer you some tools for free to use to your benefit.  Read My Article : Reasons why your affiliate manager sucks !


Affiliate marketing is just like any other business. All you have to remember is that we are all regular people and the same rules apply. If you face any problems, all you have to do is ask if your campaigns are failing, ask your advertising network, Affiliate manager to help you suggest something or seek help from people. It may feel strange talking to people behind the PC screens, but all I can say is that our industry has incredible people who are always ready to help each other; all you have to do is ask!

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