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Affiliate World: Your Ticket to the Top of the Affiliate Marketing Game

Get ready, affiliate marketers! The biggest event in the industry is just around the corner – Affiliate World Dubai, happening in March 2023. This is your chance to connect with affiliates from all over the world and exchange ideas. With so many industry experts and leaders in attendance, it’s sure to be the biggest conference ever. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from the best and take your affiliate marketing game to the next level. So mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable experience in Dubai!

Affiliate World Dubai

Affiliate World Conferences

Affiliate World Conferences is one of the leading events brands in the affiliate marketing industry. Hosting 3 events a year! Affiliate World Dubai (March), Affiliate World Barcelona (June) and Affiliate World Bangkok (December). Their events are the most popular amongst affiliates. They are also highly beneficial for affiliates as they offer a unique opportunity to network and make new contacts, share experiences, and learn from each other. In addition, Aw is a great platform to stay on top of the latest trends, strategies, and technologies in the constantly evolving affiliate marketing industry.

Before moving on to why you should attend affiliate conferences and events, if you have yet to attend any, I want to mention a few important Dos and Don’ts.


  1. Research the conference and the attendees in advance to identify key people to connect with.
  2. Prepare a brief elevator pitch to introduce yourself and your business or organization.
  3. If you are saving someone’s contact info, it’s a good idea to write a short brief about your interaction (This will help you big time- I also try to take the picture as well so that I can remember the face as well)
  4. Be respectful of others and their time.
  5. Be an active listener and ask questions to engage in conversations.
  6. Show genuine interest in others and their businesses.
  7. Follow up with people you meet after the conference or party.
  8. Be mindful of your body language and maintain good eye contact.
  9. Be respectful of others and their time, and don’t push for a sale or business opportunity too aggressively.
  10. Be respectful of the conference or party hosts and their guests.
  11. Ask for permission from individuals before taking their photograph.
  12. Be respectful of people’s privacy and personal space.
  13. Share your photographs with conference organizers and attendees if they are interested


  1. Don’t monopolize conversations or dominate group discussions.
  2. Be moderate in trying to sell your products or services. (Remember, Its about connecting with people, not selling)
  3. Don’t be disrespectful or rude to others.
  4. Don’t be too pushy trying to make new contacts.
  5. Be moderate when talking to non-technical people.
  6. Don’t take photographs of individuals without their consent
  7. Don’t use flash photography during presentations or speeches
  8. Don’t take photographs that are intrusive or make people uncomfortable
Kj rocker Speech at Affiliate World Asia 2022 Bangkok
Affiliate World Asia 2022 Bangkok

Why Attend Affiliate Conferences?

One of the most important advantages of attending affiliate conferences is that they offer face-to-face interaction with industry leaders and experts. This allows attendees to gain valuable insights into the latest trends and strategies, share their experiences, and learn from each other.

Another benefit such events offer is learning about upcoming technologies and platforms that can improve performance and increase earnings. The conferences feature workshops and sessions covering all essential aspects of affiliate marketing and upcoming trends and technologies. This helps affiliates stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry and find new ways to grow their business.

Networking is the most important benefit of such events. The conference brings together a diverse group of attendees worldwide, including affiliates, networks, vendors, and industry experts. This provides an excellent opportunity to meet new people, establish new partnerships and build valuable connections that can help grow your business.

Affiliate conferences are also an excellent platform for affiliates to find new business opportunities. Many of the conference’s attendees are vendors and networks looking for new affiliates to work with. As a result, the conference provides an excellent opportunity for affiliates to showcase their skills and attract new clients.

Another important aspect of attending summits and conferences is the focus on industry regulations and compliance. The conference features several sessions and workshops covering legal and compliance issues such as data privacy and GDPR. This helps affiliates stay compliant and avoid potential legal issues in the future.

Kj Rocker , Ian Fernando at affiliate world Europe
Kj Rocker , Ian Fernando at affiliate world Europe

Attending Affiliate conferences and events also provide the opportunity to learn from successful affiliates and entrepreneurs. The conference features a wide range of keynote speakers and panelists who share their experiences and insights on how to build and scale a thriving affiliate business. This is a valuable opportunity for attendees to learn from the best in the industry and gain insights into achieving success.

Beyond the educational and networking opportunities, such conferences provide an excellent platform for discovering new products and services. The Exhibition halls have networks and service providers showcasing their products and services, and affiliates can explore new opportunities and find new partners.

Such events also focus on industry trends and innovations, with a wide range of sessions and workshops covering the latest trends and developments in the industry, such as mobile marketing, social media advertising and affiliate marketing automation. This helps affiliates stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for the industry’s future.

To conclude, Such events also offer an excellent opportunity for affiliates to relax and have fun. In addition, the conferences and summits feature a wide range of social events and networking activities, such as parties and networking dinners, that provide an excellent opportunity for affiliates to unwind and enjoy themselves. This helps to create a positive and relaxed atmosphere that promotes networking and knowledge sharing.

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