Binom Review 2024: All You Need to Know (Bonus Inside)

Hey guys , Its been a while since I wrote about any trackers on my blog, Since my last post about tracking, The tracker industry has evolved a lot, My favorite self hosted tracking platform went down ( CPVLAB) and many of the new trackers have made into the market since then.. Recently a price hike in monthly fees for the leading tracker in the market, made me look around for other options as most of times i get contacted by the affiliates about suggestions for a reliable tracking solution which does not break their pocket yet provides them top notch features as per today’s standards for tracking their traffic. I would also like to mention here that I am a big fan of self hosted trackers, and that’s what brought me to check out Binom Tracker,

I will be honest with you guys at first a few months ago I didn’t like this tracker when i first came across it, But my opinion changed once I looked into it again when i checked out its details properly … And I LOVED IT! Hence that is the reason you are reading this review post today!

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Here is why I love this tracker!

Low cost tracking solution !

As it is self hosted tracking solution that means there are no extra costs ! No matter how many clicks you send you don’t have to pay extra unlike others where you have to pay based on number of clicks or actions , This is a huge plus point for those who run high volume campaigns on daily basis.

Handles millions of clicks per day

The biggest problem my previous favorite most tracker had was with time it slowed down, However this is not the case with Binom Tracker as it works perfectly high volume traffic without slowing down reporting or redirects.

Click processing time is 5 ms under any server load

As this tracker was developed keeping the fast performance in mind that means its click processing is very efficient which makes it one of the best trackers performance wise available in the market..

Group Campaign Reports

This is a very unique feature which all other trackers lack, I was very happy to find this feature in Binom as it takes pain away of comparing results when you launch campaigns with different angles and compare their results ..

Large-scale automated updates every few month

Again one of the biggest problem I see with trackers is they are not properly maintained whereas Binom keeps getting regular updates which is great, personally i have seen many changes in features since last time i checked this tracker and is always a welcome sign..

Flexible multi-user system with different access rights

Tired of paying extra $$ for every user on your tracking platform ? Again this feature allows you to provide your team members with separate accounts, Based on their r9le this allows affiliates to work confidently with their team members without revealing all the campaigns and only provide them limited access ensuring the privacy of your campaigns..

Fantastic Support

I always love the companies which have a responsive support team and with avg support response time of 2 minutes, Binom team makes sure all your questions and problems are resolved as quickly as possible as in our industry time = money …

Campaign Notes

I personally started relying on CRM’s a lot lately and this feature brings me close to my dream of being able to use a tracking software which also has CRM features.

Usually we have to use excel sheets or google sheets to track changes and make notes about particular campaigns as its super crucial when you have a team running campaigns to understand what is going on with the campaigns and what new updates were made, This helps our team members to stay updated with the latest developments with a campaign and work efficiently . Thanks to binom this feature can take away this pain and you can easily make notes about your changes in campaigns.

Campaign Notes in binom
Campaign Notes in binom

Custom Events

Binom allows you to track custom events in landing pages which can be very helpful in tracking optimizing your landing pages , For example it can allow you to measure screen resolution, Scroll percentage , Time spent on landing pages and bit percentage ..

This can be really helpful to understand how engaging your landing page is and you can easily measure users behaviours and actions on your landing pages this feature is just like using lucky orange a service which helps you understand user behaviour … And you can easily make improvements in your landing pages using this service..

Get first month for free and 40% discount for the 2nd month payment!

Exit Points Tracking

I always love to understand user behaviour and one of the most important thing to track is exit points, for example recently when I was testing a mobile traffic source, I added a invisible hyperlink to the landing page to track the bot traffic and filter those source id’s who were sending traffic to my campaign.. With Binom’s exit tracking feature you can easily track which CTA’s are performing better and track their CTR ..

No need for cloakers !

This is for my those friends who use cloakers, No need to pay hundreds of dollars on monthly basis as the “redirect rule” feature in benom can help you redirect traffic based on Geo + ISP filters ..

Binom  Traffic cloaker
Binom can easily meet your cloaking needs

Smart rotation function

We don’t want out visitors to keep seeing same landing page again and again, This feature in Benom helps you to serve a different landing page every time a visitor visits your landing page, This allows you to maximize your conversions by showing a new angle every time a visitor sees your landing page..

Binom vs Voluum

For this comparison I asked Binom team to provide some details

Binom Vs Voluum
Binom Vs Voluum

1. Binom can store all the information you have for unlimited amount of time. So you will have access to your stats even after a year – that is no problem, for as long as you keep it on your disk.
2. Significantly faster reporting. You can create report from any angle almost instantly, especially compared to Voluum
3. Free SSL certs for all your domains + unlimited number of domains also for free
4. Unlimited number of users for free
5. Custom tables for any formulas of your liking
6. Tech support that will answer you in real time in 1-2 minutes
7. Fix price of $99/month for any amounts of clicks
8. Marks for publishers
9. Domain check for Google ban
10. Display of bots, scrolls and backfix percentage or any available metrics in any section
11. You can also migrate from Voluum and keep all your links as they were, so no need to remoderate (

Traffic case study

For the sake of this review I used a brand new installation and I used my filtered traffic sources but still Binom was able to identify a couple of hundred bot clicks which is pretty awesome. I also noticed less click discrepancy which was another shocking discovery and i came to realize how much much money I was leaving by using other trackers.

Here are a few screenshots from my own campaigns

Bots detected by binom tracker
Bots detected by tracker
Binom Tracker stats
Stats from my test campaigns i ran on plugrush
Affiliate Tracker Load speed
Binom Load speed on Pingdom tool was 593 which is pretty fast
Stats from Binom main Dashboard
Stats from Binom main Dashboard


As I mention first time when i came across this tracker I didn’t like it, But once I got to know it now, It’s my personal favorite and there are a few reasons, First one that It is self hosted, I loved self hosted trackers as compared to hosted ones as you have complete control over your own data. Secondly it gives you a detailed insight on your audience you can clearly understand your audience and their behavior. For example by understanding scroll rates, CTA clicks, Time spent on landing page you can easily understand which which parts of your landing pages are performing well and what kind of improvements you can make in order to make them perform better.

In term of price its only $69/ Month and you can run as much traffic as you please which is again a huge plus. And above all is their live support always there to help you out !

Still not convinced ? Get Binom free of cost for one month and if you like it pay only 40% of its price next month!


Get Binom Free of Cost for one Month!

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