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Add MGID’s Push Notifications for Traffic Boost (MUST READ)

Recently, a new ad format was introduced – Native Push Notifications. It is a clickable message that appears from an app or website on your device that is naturally integrated with the theme of the website. Users are offered to subscribe to it when they open a new website. It is up to the user, whether they want to decline or accept it. After receiving the consent of the user, MGID assigns them an ID number and then sends them push-notifications.

Last month MGID delivered over 400 million push notifications worldwide, but it’s not the volume that is impressive, it’s the high quality of attracted leads and the growing number of conversion rates. Moreover, operating on the market for more than 10 years, MGID is working with more than 22 000 publishers that provide us with high-quality traffic. The database for push notifications is constantly being updated, so MGID is sending notifications only to relevant users.

If you’re already running a push notification campaign, in this article you will have a chance to find out how to reach its full potential.

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What is special about them?

Push notifications have proven to be the most effective traffic source for affiliate marketers because now we can send messages directly to the particular person. By using these messages the advertisers are able to reach the precise category of audience, who are most likely to be interested in the promoted offer. The success of the campaign definitely depends on the quality of traffic, but at this point, you can be sure that with MGID your message is delivered to the right audience.

How to make Push Notifications effective?

No matter what your offers or campaign settings are, do not disregard the importance of the image and the header of your push notification. Creativity is the key to making the push notification attractive for the users.

Catch Attention

Take advantage of targeted notifications and personalized messages in order to increase the number of visitors returning to the website. With the help of a personalized approach and a triggering message, your potential buyers could not help but click on it.

Do not underestimate the power of shocking images. (below) It could be an effective method to prevent ad blindness and catch the user’s attention.

Catch Attention on push notification traffic
Creatives like these Catch Attention on push traffic

Design matters

To make push notifications more clickable, include only the most appealing, relevant pictures. Do not forget about emojis, express your core message with emojis to make it sound more personal and connect better with your audience.

include only the most appealing, relevant pictures for push advertising
include only the most appealing, relevant pictures for push advertising

What types of offers perform best?


You are definitely missing out if you have not used push notifications to boost your dating offer. Most of our advertisers in this vertical have increased their conversions with the help of push notifications.


Push Notification advertising by MGID network
Push Notification advertising by MGID network

? Choose images according to the beauty standards of your target GEO.

? Interact with your user, include relationship or matching quizzes on the landing page.

? Girls with tattoos are proven to receive more clicks.

? Flirty phrases in the header.

? Design registration window as a chat with the potential couple including questions that are usually asked while creating an account. Below you can find an example.

quiz style landing pages tend to work well on push notification traffic
quiz style landing pages tend to work well on push notification traffic

Sweepstakes, coupons

Vouchers and coupon campaigns perform extremely well for this category, as long as they seem to be a personal discount for the receiver. Such notification definitely catches the attention of the user in case the message is clear and the image is relevant to the text.

Include such words as Free, Cheapest, Personal Discount/ Bonus/ Expires soon, Win.

However, dating and sweepstakes are not the only categories, that perform perfectly in combo with push notifications. If you take a complex approach to the campaign and pay attention to the creatives and landing page, and follow the recommendations of your account manager, high conversion rates will be closer than you can even imagine.

Starting a Push Notification campaign should be on your “To-do” list not only because it is an instrument of precise targeting, but because it offers advertisers the freedom to implement their fantasies and innovations in design, format, and text.

The last but not the least important argument is that the traffic volumes are always increasing and the user database is constantly being updated. Isn’t a perfect time to start earning. MGID managers will guide you through the first steps of setting up the campaign and develop a unique strategy for your offer. Exclusively for all readers, we would like to offer a special bonus. Follow this link to register, deposit from $500 to $5,000 and get a 25% credit match on top!

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