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Top 10 Mobile Advertising networks in 2023

Top 10 Mobile Advertising networks in 2023
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We are living in a digital age. Everywhere you go, everyone seems to be glued to their mobile devices. It is in fact impossible to keep up in today’s world if you do not own such a device.

Say you’re starting a new affiliate campaign and you want people to know about. What’s the best way to reach your targeted audience? Clearly, it is where they spend most of their time and nowadays, it’s their mobile devices.

To keep things in perspective, more than half of internet traffic is generated from mobile devices and the numbers keep steadily growing and with that mobile advertising has also become humongous.

With the increase in app usage from consumers, in-app advertising has become equally popular (Users spend 92 percent of their time on their phones using  apps). These advertisements use mobile ad networks.

So, in case you want to advertise a certain type of content, it can be a website, a blog, an app or some kind of a service, first and foremost, you’d need to understand the different types of mobile ad and revenue models at play.

The choices can be overwhelming.

Different Types of Mobile Ads

  1. Banner advertisements appear on the interface of an app and are usually used to promote products and services.
  2. Native advertisements are similar to the interface of the app so it feels like more a part of the app rather than a pop-up.
  3. Interstitial advertisements pop up when consumers move from one screen to another. They cover the screen completely.
  4. Push advertisements This is another type of advertising on mobile phones where consumer’s receive a notification on their phone screens.
  5. Video advertisements are, you guessed it, videos. Typically short, the videos are a great way to promote a product.
  6. OfferWall advertisements are again pretty self explanatory. They provide different offers targeted to engage the audience.

Now that you are familiar with the different types of ads available, you need to know about different revenue models before running an advertisement.

Whether you are buying or selling ads, these business models help you determine, what works best for you.

You can go for the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) model (Advertisers pay for each click by consumers), Cost-Per-Install (CPI) model (Advertisers pay for every installation) or the Cost-Per-Action (CPA) model (Advertisers pay for certain actions like signing up).

Or, you can opt for the Cost-Per-Mile model (Advertisers are charged for the number of times the add runs) or the Cost-Per-View model( Charged for the total number of views on video ads).

You also need to keep in mind who your customer is and how can you reach them most successfully based on their gender, age, location and interests.

No matter how many adds you run or how much money you spend, the ad could still run successfully and not do much for business if you haven’t properly targeted your specific audience.

Once you understand these basics, you would want to use the best mobile ad network. However, that is kind of difficult to determine. What works for you, depending on your product and target audience, may not work for someone else.

Following is the list of the top mobile ad networks for 2019, according to Build Fire, you can use the information to choose which platform might be most suitable for your business.

Google Ads

You are probably already familiar with Google ads because of the name attached to it. It is one of the most famous mobile ad networks that lets you target audience based on their interests, where they live, their choice of OS and mobile networks.

Compatible with four mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Cocos, Unity), CPC, CPM and CPI campaigns are all supported by this platform.

Facebook Ads

With the widest range of targeting options, Facebook ads have gained immense popularity over the years. Location, gender, age, interests and device are only a few of the many other targeting options available with Facebook.

You can run banners, slideshows and video ads on the platform via the app, Messenger, Instagram and Audience Network.


As video ads steadily continue to gain popularity, AdColony has emerged as one of the favorite networks for both the publisher and advertiser.

Supported by both iOS and Android, AdCOlony offers HD videos and rich media formats using the CPM business model.

Using demographics, AdColony targets nearly 1.5 billion users.

Apple Search Ads

As the name suggests, Apple Search Ads are only for iOS users. The basic idea is to get more traffic to apps that are searched for more.

You can target different audiences based on their  iOS versions, devices, genders, ages, and locations. The advertising format is automatic based off of the information provided about the specific app on the App Store.

Top 10 Mobile Advertising networks in 2023

Snapchat Ads

Targeting the right audience is crucial for the success of your ad campaigns, so if you are looking for a younger user base, Snapchat Ads might be it for you.

Snapchat Ads work for iOS platforms, using CPI and CPC campaigns.

There is a selection of 300 types of target audience from user demographics. The platform also takes into account user interests like what they like, post and buy via the app.


This ad network is based on machine learning which in turn provides advertisers with custom audience targeting and retention options.

CPI and CPA campaigns can be run via YouAppi and it supports both iOS and Android platforms as well as video and native ads.

Twitter Ads

If you’re looking to advertise specific content from an app, Twitter ads might be the right fit for you. With a deep linking technology, this network makes it possible for advertisers to drive traffic on their app on and off Twitter channels.

CPI, CPM, and CPC ad campaign can target audience based on various factors such as age, gender, location and operating system. It works with both iOS and Android platforms.


Applovin focuses on the quality of users, therefore, using the CPI and CPA business models for targeting and retargeting the audience.

This network studies different campaigns and user engagement and shows ads to the audience that is most likely to engage and make a purchase.

Applovin primarily targets United States’ audience and supports all iOS, Android and mobile web platforms.


The most outstanding advantage with using Taptic is the reach it brings with an audience of over 200 million users, expanding its market to Latin America.

It supports CPA and CPC campaigns and provides with custom targeting options. If you want to acquire new users and get a high ROI then this network might be the best fit for you.


Fyber reaches 1.2 billion mobile app users every month, supporting banner, interstitial, native and video ads.

It runs CPI, CPM, CPA and CPV campaigns while partnering with other ad networks to provide the advertisers with great results. It supports both Android and iOS platforms.

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