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Richpops Review 2023 – #1 POP Advertisement Network

At the end of each year, affiliate marketing experts and non-experts are crazy about what the coming year is bringing. And one of the questions which have lots of performance marketers worried is: “Will Pop Ads be dead in 2020?”

Pop Traffic in 2020
Pop Traffic in 2020

Spoiler: the answer is no. Pop traffic is still attracting a lot of performance marketers worldwide. There are a lot of reasons for that: fewer restrictions in comparison with other ad formats, low CPC, the ability for retargeting and targeting iOS devices, and easy start. Though, it’s quite a challenge for pop ad networks to resist and conquer the biases against pop advertising.

That’s what RichPush team has done when launched their new pop traffic ad network RichPops. With marketers’ evolving needs and industry trends in focus, they’ve implemented advanced optimization and user segmentation, anti-fraud solutions, and high-quality customer service.

Who’s RichPops network made for?

Professional and novice performance marketers and novices who aim for driving high-quality pop traffic. Top verticals on RichPops are:

Rich Push Review
Rich Push Review
  1. Dating
  2. Gambling
  3. Betting
  4. Adult
  5. Utilities

Why advertise with RichPops?

Source Sampling  – this pioneering feature lets you test the quality of traffic received from different sources in a small amount. After the evaluation, create the whitelists of the best-performing sources and scale up your campaigns.

Microbidding  –  fine-tune your campaigns for maximum performance. In other words,  you can automatically increase traffic from more profitable sources and limit traffic from less profitable ones without creating separate campaigns, blacklists or whitelists.

Automated Rules  – again, save you time by smart automation. You can set rules to increase or decrease your bid, create blacklists and whitelists, or stop ineffective campaigns.

Targeting – now a the RichPops platform offers 16 targeting options like OS, Regions, Carriers, and Sites. And the team is planning to add the new ones you can’t find on other ad platforms.

Anti-fraud – track real users and filter bots effectively with a set of advanced filters. Besides, complex anti-fraud systems are becoming a must-have among all pop ad networks. This, in turn, increases the average quality of the traffic coming from pop ads and improves the image of this particular ad format.

Personal ad experts  – there are experts with 8+ years of experience in affiliate marketing on board. Their focus is accompanying the new and old users and helping them with:

  1. all the relevant data about traffic, CPC, actual volumes, verticals, and GEOs;
  2. the unique features of the RichPops platform, their value, and recommendations of how to use them ;
  3. a wide analysis of your campaign’s results and advice on how to optimize it accordingly to collected data and our specialists’ expertise;
  4. all bonuses and privileges at RichPops.

Built-in tracking system – get real-time conversions reports of your campaigns via Tracking Pixels or Postback Request. Tracking allows you to:

a) estimate your campaigns and optimize manually;

b) let your Personal Ad manager help you with optimization;

c) use ‘Automated Rules’ and ‘Microbidding’ features on the platform.

Rich Push Promo
Rich Push Promo


RichPops Team is currently running a NEW YEAR PROMO: spend $200 and get 200$ on your account. All the terms are here:

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Ask your questions, share your feedback and learn about more bonuses from RichPops team here: Afflift / STM / Email

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