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RichPush Review 2023 | Is It Worth The Hype?

Nutra and Sweepstakes appeared to be the best performing verticals for push notifications ad format. According to RichPush analytics, they gathered almost 28% and 19% of all push ads impressions for the last 6 months.

We’ve collected the pearls of 2019 ads for you below. Following their examples and our tips can help you create rockstar ad campaigns for Nutra and Sweeps that will convert best in 2020.

Best Creatives for Sweepstakes 

Case 1

Email Submit Offer Case Study On Push Traffic
Email Submit Offer Case Study On Push Traffic

Title and description: state the urgency and strict time limits

Icon: use a gift box or other win attributes 

Banner: show the prize itself in large

Case 2

Email Submit Offer Case Study On RichPush
Email Submit Offer Case Study On Push Traffic

Title and description: prove the possibility to win

Icon: put a mail logo of the country in which the raffle is running

Banner: show the package and/or the prize itself

Case 3

Push Traffic Case Study
Push Traffic Case Study

Title and description: reward the clients for choosing you

Icon: put a gift card

Banner: display a gift and happy people that won it

Best Creatives for Nutra & Diet

Case 1

Sweep offers on RichPush
Sweep offers on RichPush

Title and description: offer an easy way to achieve goals

Icon: show the scales

Banner: showcase before & after examples

Case 2

Weight Loss Offers on Push Traffic
Weight Loss Offers on Push Traffic

Title and description: show target results but keep the intrigue (no product name)

Icon: visualize the goal

Banner: reveal the result

Case 3

Nutra offers on Push Traffic
Nutra offers on Push Traffic

Title and description: include time limits and compare results with other popular ways of weight loss 

Icon: show the result

Banner: provide statistics (graphs)


Remember that relevant emojis will make your CTR higher by 5-20%. The most effective ones are:

  • Cell Phone ?
  • Party Popper ?
  • Gift Box ?
  • Fire ?

Tips for a successful Push Notification Strategy

  • Start with 3-5 and more creatives: RichPush allows starting with up to 10 creatives at once.
  • Update creatives regularly. Even if your icons, banners and messages are super successful, you should change them from time to time to keep the CTR high.
  • Optimize your campaigns. It will allow you to blacklist the sources that don’t convert.
  • Use the best features to get profit: Micro bidding, Smart CPC and Automated Rules.

Follow our recommendations and make a profit with RichPush, a high quality traffic source with 450M+ subscribers worldwide. Check the opportunity: RichPush expert team can take over the design of your creatives. Contact with us here.

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