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Choosing the right targets for any PPV campaign is always the most important step, as you can not become successful without the right and relevant targets. If done manually it is the most time taking process and sometimes takes more time then creating landing pages for your campaign, as you need to make sure that all targets are related to the offer. There are many tools available for this purpose as well and my all time favorite; Magic URL Scraper which was owned by my late student Mateen Shaikh, who passed away last year (May he R.I.P). The reason I liked that scraper was because it used to get results very fast as compared to other scrapers and was user friendly as well. In the beginning of December 2014 I was contacted by Luke Kling, he introduced me to Skrayp. When I started using it i was happy that there was something better in the market,  as compared to other scrapers available. It is also very cheap as compared to others. So lets check it out!

skrayp scraper

Skrayp basically offers 3 features which include :

  1. URL Scraping
  2. Keyword Scraping
  3. Video Scraping

Unlike other scrapers Skrayp scrapes urls from 36 different countries making it possible to get url and results from many other countries instead of just getting results from the USA. This keyword scraper tool gets a list of related keywords with the help of Google. The Video scraper is used to scrape urls of videos related to your keyword within seconds.

It also has 3 additional features including Alexa top sites scraping , where it can get you urls of top alexa websites from any country and also offers URL Variations tool which help you make different variations of a keyword.

Overall it is a great tool which is fast ,cheap and easy to use as well and makes your life easy by getting all the data within few minutes. I would recommend this tool to every affiliate you use PPV traffic to give it a try and i am 100% sure you will love it.

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