New Ad Option for Facebook Ensures 100% Viewability

Facebook has just announced that they will be allowing a new option for advertisers on their platform.  The new option will require advertisers pay for ad impressions only when it is 100% visible.  This is an interesting move, and one that is surprising to many since Facebook has long argued that even partial views are effective.  There is no word on exactly how much more it will cost for a 100% visible ad impression either.

New Ad Option for Facebook Ensures 100% Viewability

In the announcement that was published on their blog Facebook said, “While it remains our belief that value is created for an advertiser as soon as an ad is in view, we also believe in offering advertisers control and flexibility over how they run their ads.  100% in-view impression buying gives advertisers the option to purchase ad impressions where the entire ad – from top to bottom – has passed through a person’s screen in News Feed.”

This is just one more option that advertisers will have when it comes to customizing which ads they will have to pay for.  Another option that has been around for a while now is to only pay when a video is seen for at least 10 seconds.  This, of course, helps to ensure marketers are getting benefits from their ads.

The new service will be ‘monitored’ by ad analytics firm, Moat.  Moat will track the video views and make sure that the numbers are correct when provided to the advertisers themselves.  This will help ensure that the program has full transparency and is enforced properly.

How popular this new option will be has yet to be seen. While it initially seems like a very good option for advertisers, that will largely depend on how much extra it costs per view.  Many marketers may find that it is better to pay for all the impressions, even if they aren’t 100% seen.  This will likely take some trial and error to see what the best way to do it on a case by case basis.

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