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Facebook Ad Spy Tool SpyAdz review

EDIT 06/July/2015 : I take back my endorsement for this product , Please read comments below for the details ..

You might have seen my articles about PPV spy tool Box of Ads but i never posted a lot about Facebook Ad spy tools as majority of them i have seen are overpriced and never provide precise data as well as targeting. I have been promoting Facebook Ads for a while now and the only success i have got with fb ads is by using Custom audiences. A few weeks back i was approached by (Name removed on request) over Facebook and he invited me test his new Facebook ad spy tool SpyAdz. I have used this tool multiple times and would like to share my experience of using this tool with my readers here.


SO far its design is really simple and smooth, Easy to navigate and faster in loading, Usually spy sites are slow but this one runs smoothly and provides results fast , Here is a screenshot of how dashboard looks like.

Click to enlarge


It has some really amazing and unique features which make it much more better tool than other tools in the market. Here are a few of them .

  • Allows to spy on right column ads.
  • Allows to spy on news feeds.
  • Allows to spy ads being displayed in specific geographic locations. Allows to spy ads based on gender.
  • Allows to search for ads with your keyword in title.
  • Allows to search for ads with your keyword in ad body text.
  • Allows to search for ads with your keyword in ad url.
  • Allows interest based targeting.
  • Allows Age targeting.
  • Allows you to copy and download creatives with ad image and adcopy.
  • Allows you to mark ads as your favorite so you can find them easily when needed.

Below is the screen shot of the ad spy screen.

facebook ads spy
click to enlarge

In results this tool shows you not only the ad creative and ad copy but also what kind of people this ad was targeting for example , it will give you data about age, gender, location (country) ,Marital Status ,when thsi ad was first seen and when it was seen last etc . The screenshot below shows how the results are displayed and once you click on an ad what kind of data you get .



There are a few things where SpyAdz team is still working while i am writing this review. Full landing page url is not displayed in ad results for example i my ad is pointing to page tool will only show in landing url section also ads pointing to Facebook fan pages etc don`t show fan page url .


Overall SpyAdz team has created a amazing tool which i love to use when i am launching my new ads on Facebook and he and his team has created a very useful tool for Facebook advertisers and this tool provides great targeting information which can be used to launch successful Facebook ads campaigns.

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