Miss Rocker Here!

Hi guys, Miss Rocker here!

I am the new blogger here in KjRockers CPA Marketing world!

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself! Altough i am not into CPA marketng in particular, I met KjRocker by accident! We grew to become friends, and when he told me about his job, I thought to myself.. “What a bore!” I never thought I’d be joining the IM world or even enjoying it! I am a writter, I have been writting stories, diaries, monologues and such since i was a child. When i started writting articles for KjRocker, I was at first adamant to just do it and that’s it!

At the time, I was also job huntng, and looking for a fun enviroment to work in, but i had certain standards and prefences, so it was quite hard! Now i don’t want to bore you with all the details, but let’s just say, I signed up to 4 Jobsites, Went for 6 interviews, did 2 jobs for 2-3 months and still wasn’t satisfied!

At first, I tried to get into CPA, sgned up as an affiliate, checked out some offers and campaigns, but it just wasn’t for me! So i said to kj, I can’t do it! But he didn’t give up, He pushed me and pushed me, until i told him to back off myself! Even still, he said IM is a big world, there must be something for you!

Kj always reffered to the Warrior Forum, all the people he met, the skills he gained and things he learnt, I didn’t really care to be honest! Then one night i couldn’t sleep, i thought what the heck, and decided to sign up and check it out… He had asked me and suggested i do i for AGES. So anyway, I signed up, and had a look around, I posted a few posts, and commented on a few posts. Then 2 days later, he said why not offer your skills? So here we go again… IM, Articles, Writting… Blaaahhh…………………… But this time was different, he explained how people earn by writting articles, reports, the little jobs i did for him!? So i went for it… Jumped in the deep end? I posted my skills, and within a week, I was getting clients e-mailing me! I am currently working on my first project, and have others e-mailing in, i find myself enjoying it, learning new things as i research topics.

Aside from IM! I am a bubbly, fun person! I love to talk, go out and be origional! I did plan on investing in my own blog, but then i was worried it would intefere with my studies, so i demanded to start blogging on Kj’s blog!

So I’ll bog you soon guys!!

Keep smiling!!

And hope you enjoy my blogs! 🙂

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