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Hey guys!

Miss rocker here… Ok, Ok, You are probably thinking whaaat? Where is the London olympics stuff?

I PROMISE THEY ARE COMING… But this caught my eye.. Hit my heart and i just HAD to share it with you guys! + Encourage you to take up this offer.. Take it as a good deed, a helping hand or an act of kindness… whatever floats your boat.. But PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS BLOG!!

I have never seen such an inspirational WSO.. Something that has a inspirational purpose, some AMAZING offers and WSO sellers COMING TOGETHER in for such a cause….. 

Libby A little girl… An angel.. who’s name is libby.. a 6 year old princess who has been hit with cancer, at such a young age..

On march. She was diagnosed with Wilm’s cancer, which manifests in the kidneys. Five days later, Libby had her kidney removed. But in the process, her doctors discovered the tumors had spread to her heart. So last Friday, Libby had open heart surgery to remove that tumor as well.

Reading THAT alone made me melt.. Cancer is a dangerous illness, it’s like a serpent, it may spread, or it could stay and be removed… But we shouldn’t even come to think and wait aroudn for things to happen.. Like Bill on warrior forum hasn’t.. As he did, I will ask you all… What if it was your daughter? niece? grandaughter? cousin?

Warrior Forum is full of talented and awsome people who have LOADS to offer in this buisness? But why can’t we use it for GOOD? A little aside to do some good? Come together  and promote the skills, aswell as helping little libby!

So this WSO is all of the below for just $27, and that $27 will all go to libby and children JUST LIKE HER in a hospital in dallas.

CPA Marketing
Kenster – CPA Money Madness, Rags 2 Riches, and Netflix Tricks reports (retail $27)

Content Marketing
Caleb Spilchen – Newsum – content generation software (retail $9.90)
Oz – The Truth About Article Marketing report (retail $17)

Affiliate Marketing
Aravindh’s (theplugindude) Affpressor affiliate pop-up WP plug-in (retail $27)
Mao Flynn – WP Banner Ad Generator plug-in (retail $47)
Edwin Boiten – Affiliate Product Comparison plug-in (retail $47)
Jason Keith – WP Cash Machines report (retail $27)
Norma Rickman – Niche Nuke report (retail $9.90)
Bolaji – The Gorilla Wars: JVZoo Goes Wild report (retail $9.90)

Product Creation
Brad Gosse – Infographic Sales Letter Template (retail $47)
Andrew Hunter – WP Affiliate Surge plug-in (retail $47)
Garry Sayer – Simple EBook Sorcery (retail $37)

Laura Catella – Elite Level Copywriting Report (retail $27)

Mark Thompson & Daniel Lew – SEO Tutor video training (retail $197)
Tim Buchalka – Video Traffic Genius (retail $97)
Robert Phillips & Hitesh – 5-Minute Money Multipler (retail $17)

Jesse Guthrie – WP ClientHub (retail $14.95)
Sam England – 12-Month Local SEO Blueprint (retail $10)
Dr. Dan & Rockstar Ben – Client Getting Ninja (retail $97)
Steve Benn Peters – Offline Deal Maker (retail $36)
Lester Lim & Aiden Chong – Offline Wizardry (retail $17)
Ryan Shaw – Offline Consultant Gold (retail $47)

Miscellaneous Awesomeness
Bryan Zimmerman – Mindset Blueprint (retail $27)
Brad Spencer – Internet Marketing Idea Machine (retail $8.35)
Alex Jeffreys & Anthony Tilley – The Ultimate Alex Jeffreys Interview (retail $17)
Ed Akehurst, Martha Mayo, and Ed – Mining Cloud Gold (retail $12)
Simon Greenhalgh (link whizz) – Work on the Sofa (retail $37/monthly)
J. Scott Talbert – Legal Whitepapers (retail $19)
Marcus Passey – Outsource Blitzkrieg 2.0 (retail $9.95)


The link to the WSO is also below, don’t ignore this amazing opportunity guys! LETS PROVE WF HAS REAL SPIRIT AND IS A HELPING HAND COMMUNITY!!



Buy This WSO here


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