How to overcome quitting

Hey guys! First and for most I want to apologize for not posting lately, but the move to Dubai has been very busy and we are venturing out to offline as a sideline, but I have not forgot about my online’ers! So here’s a post about something I come across on an almost daily basis… QUITTERS!

Yes, that’s right, we have all met those or been in the shoes of a quitter, when the going gets tough or the money runs out, or the stress levels are high… we all just want to quit and bury our heads in sand. That is not the answer my friend, there is always a way out.

First of all, I would like to let you know that I will be relating this post to affiliates who want to or go to quitting. Now here is 5 simple steps on how to overcome quitting.

First you need to identify the issue, why are you quitting and where will it take you?

This means you need to cool your mind, empty of all thoughts and tell yourself why you are quitting, is it really a good enough reason? For example most people quit because they think they can’t do it, but have you even tried enough? Have you taken the require steps or taken the right advice to get the results you want? If not, take that step, ask for more help, even the big shot marketers ask for help, the millionaires ask for help, they are still learning things and skills.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Look at yourself and do a self-evaluation, identify your strengths and weaknesses. Find and use the things you are best at, you do well, and improve and seek knowledge on things you may not be so good at. A good way to identify your strengths and weaknesses is to ask friends and fellow colleagues, ask them what they think you are good at. For example if you are good at writing, maybe you should consider starting a fresh in the content creating sector, if you are good at giving advice, then maybe consulting is your area or if you are good at promoting, the selling and direct affiliate marketing. There are many areas and sectors, maybe you were just in the wrong one.
Use your strengths and weaknesses to your advantage
Act upon these strengths, use them where they are due and you weaknesses? Seek knowledge and improve on them, don’t ignore them like dirt on the bottom of your shoe, there is always room for improvement. They are weaknesses not can’t do’s.

Motivate yourself to try again

Whether it is self-motivation or you use an activity or book or person to push you out there, build up motivation to try again. Tell yourself you can do it, you WILL do it, you have highlighted what you can do and what you need to improve, it’s a start right? So what will you achieve next? Teach yourself to build your confidence through motivation.

Organize your time

One of the most common reasons people quit is time, they don’t have enough time do things or finish things or don’t PUT IN enough time. Don’t follow the get rich schemes and think you can make millions by working 1hour per day. Yes, Affiliate marketing does not require a 9-5 attention to work, but that doesn’t mean next not nothing. Devote time to certain things, get yourself a diary or calendar and set times for work, learning, and testing.
So next time you want to give up, before you even consider it, think why and how before you do. Quitting is never the answer, because nothing is impossible, not if you really want it.


Don’t be a quitter, Get out there and prove yourself successful!!

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