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Blacklink Plugin for SEOs

Hey guys,

Miss rocker here.. Back with something to boost your sites to the top!

Get the power of Deep Contextual Linking with just a few clicks of your mouse! The days you spent slaving away trying to create deep context links are gone!

So what are deep context links?

It’s simple… It is a link that connects two relevant pages or posts. The keyword here is RELEVANT.. If it is not relevant you don’t get the link juice. If a blog has lots of traffic but only a few contextual links, it is probably not making much money. On the other hand, a blog with less traffic and more contextual links will start to get traffic more and monetize quicker, which means it will generate extra revenue.. Exponentially.

This works well if you have multiple blogs… Because usually you will spend SOO MUCH TIME just managing links and keywords.. And instead of making big money you will lose big money!

So let’s just go over it again;

Contextual Links are key SEO factors. A proven fact is that the more relevant back-links you point to a particular post on your blog or site, the better your Google rankings are.

This keyword plug in will help you get one over on your competition and generate the keyword results that YOU WANT..


This plugin also ;

– gets  the keywords from the highest ranking sites in your niche.

-Creates amazing SILO STRUCTURES (a way of creating interlinks that reduce bounces rates, higher click through and improved rankings) for your SEO content, with just a few clicks, the software does this automatically!

-Optimizes each and every link for maximum Affiliate earnings

-Has an easy to navigate central dashboard for complete link management which;

Gives you control over density and variation

Optimizes each and every part of the linking system with your site(s)

And much much more


And it doesn’t stop there!


As a thank you for grabbing this plugin you will also receive 9 bonus expansion packs!


These are ready to go keyword expanded that you can simply upload and instantly multiply your long tail keyword list.

Add in the ‘buying’ and ‘review’ expanders..

Or even all the cites of the USA, UK and Australia.

Your keyword list just exploded! BOOM!


There’s more in store for you yet! Go ahead… Check it out!!

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