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How do i rank my websites

I have been doing SEO to rank my websites since a couple of years  and all i can say is that ranking websites on google is n`t really as much tough as it seems. Really it is very simple to get ranked all you need to do is to

  • Take action

Stop thinking its gonna be very tough!!  Stop being lazy and start working

  • Choose Niche
  • Do keyword research
  • Try to register exact match domain
  • Buy good website hosting
  • Choose a good SEO friendly WordPress theme.
  • Create Unique content & do proper on page optimization
  • Social Bookmarking i prefer socialadr
  • Article Marketing

Choosing a niche:

This is a very important part. And what i highly recommend you and do it myself is that chose niche which attracts you too in which you are intrested niche about which you can write yourself no matter you are hiring some article writer but still choose niche about which you have knowledge . Because  if you ask what sells online answer is everything from an underwear to multi million products everything sells. But the key is to get get high conversions and you get high conversions only once you provide valuable information . You will not only sell an product but help some one looking for that product to make a purchase or provide your visitors what they are looking for . Solve their problem and in return they will buy your product . So choose  a niche which you like yourself. and about which you yourself are interested. it is as simple as that .

Do keyword research:

do some proper research and you can use google adwords,google insight tool , and tools like market samurai and find out keywords with good volume of traffic and less possible competition .

Registering a domain:

Always register a domain according to your keyword research results, i prefer .com , .org and .net domains and most important part is if your keyword is  “freeautoinsurancequote” try to find freeautoinsurancequote.com/.net/.org or if it is not available try adding prefix or post fix

Web hosting:

Cheaper website hosting is not always a good option. Most of times your cheap hosts load their servers with lots of websites and as a result your website load time is badly affected which is terrible if you are thinking to rank on google.I always highly recommend HOSTGATOR and been using them since long time and they also have a special 25% discount coupon for CPA Affiliates if you are interested enter ” CPAAFFILIATE ”  (without qoutes ) To use this coupon,after you’ve selected your hosting plan there will be a box where you can enter the code CPAAFFILIATE . After you click “Calculate Totals” you will be presented with a page where you will see the savings.

Choose a good SEO friendly WordPress theme.

I would not go into details but choosing a right theme for your website can help you a lot .

Create Unique content & On page optimization

It is 2011 and Google only give good ranking to those websites which have unique and informative content. Google`s main focus is to provide most relevant content to its visitors take Google as a friend help Google to provide more relative information to its visitors and Google will love you!!

About content best bet is to write your self or if you are lazy marketer like me simply outsource this article marketing task .

On  Page Optimization

Make sure your On Page optimization is done perfectly .

Your Website Titles,Description,Keywords and Post /page  headings , Titles,Description,Keywords are optimized

Off Page Optimization

Love me or hate me but i do use only two methods for offline Optimization

  1. Social book marking
  2. Article marketing

Social Bookmarking

For Social bookmarking i always use socialadr and they never disappointed me. you can read my post about them here how they did helped me to rank my websites on Google.

Article marketing

For Article marketing i take articles from my own  websites and spin them and order a gig on fiver to submit them in diffrent article directories and thats all my secret how my websites put 50 —- $150 in my pockets

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