SEO is much more than targeting a few keywords

The main reason behind the immense success of search engines is the nature of human beings to be curious about everything. They want to know more and more, I can bet you have used any of the popular search engines at least once today as well.

The internet has made it extremely easy for people to gather information about anything they want to know about. Where finding information on internet is so much easy, wanting to be found by curious people in your industry can take some serious strategic planning and hard work. Businesses that want to attract heaps of free traffic from these search engines pay thousands of dollars each month on SEO to out rank their competitors and appear right in front of the potential customers.
The competition in SEO market is getting stiff day by day (no matter which industry you belong to). The main reason of this is the fact that all offline businesses are now planning to go ONLINE to tap into the undiscovered potential market.
Here we will be talking about the key factors that make an SEO campaign better than the others and how businesses can make the most of this technique to attract laser targeted traffic absolutely FREE.

What Role Keywords Play in SEO?

You can’t deny the fact that keywords are the backbone of any SEO campaign, no matter how well-planned and up-to-date your SEO strategy is, if you choose the wrong keywords initially, you will end up wasting your time and money. In short, choosing the right keyword can make or break your SEO campaign, so do take good care while choosing the right keywords for your business online.
Keywords are divided into two broad formats: Broad and Exact, hence make sure that the keywords you choose have sufficient number of searches in Exact search format, otherwise you might not receive much traffic even if you are able to outrank all your competitors for that specific keyword.
Another important thing to keep in mind is that Long-tail keywords are the new Lifeblood of SEO, hence you can’t simply neglect them. Make sure that your SEO campaign contains a good mixture of both Long and Short tail keywords so that you get the maximum benefits out of your SEO campaign.

The Misconception:

Although keywords are the primary factor that should be taken care of initially in any SEO campaign, you should realize that only selecting the most profitable keywords, and putting them in your title tag and somewhere in your content, won’t do the trick for you anymore. You have to do a whole lot more to be successful in SEO after the recent Google updates, especially the Panda and Penguin.
Methods like High Quality Link Building, Guest Posting, Social Networking and Updating the Content Often are also required to rank for any keywords.
Another thing that most of the people don’t realize is that SEO doesn’t only take time; it takes a heap of hard work as well. You can’t just wait and expect to rank on top one day. You have to continually invest your time in building quality links gradually and adding up more and more content to the website. Link Early – and – Link Often is the way to go in modern SEO.

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