5 Important qualities that must exist in viral content

I have seen many people on CPA Lead generating millions of clicks to their content locker offers by making their videos viral so i though i should share a little info about how to make your content viral. Lets take example of YouTube have a look at some YouTube videos for a while, and you’ll find many videos that have millions of views on them. How can those videos achieve those views? Let’s think about it.

You see a video that was published a year ago, and it has 3 million views. Well, it means that the video gets approximately 250,000 views per month, and it can be translated into 8000+ views per day. That’s an impressive number. Now, how can a video gets such an impressive number of views in a day?

The answer is that because it has certain qualities that make it appealing for the viewers and encourage them to share it. What are the most important qualities that make any content go viral? Here are 5 important qualities that must exist in viral content:

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Brand Personality

Almost all viral content have strong brand personality behind it. Take a look at BuzzFeed. This company releases short videos that become viral very quickly on YouTube and elsewhere. Their content always has their brand personality on it, with their own unique way of presentation that makes their audience recognize their content in an instant. You need to have this kind of brand personality in order to create identity for your content. Before sharing your content with others, your audience needs to know about your brand and like your brand personality.

Fun And Engagement

There are lots of funny videos that go viral on YouTube, and you can also see funny articles go viral on Cracked.com. This is another element of viral content that you need to be aware of. Fun and engagement are important because it creates good feeling for your audience, and when your audience feels good, they’ll tend to spread their feelings to others. So, inserting the fun element to your content can help you to increase the chance for your audience to share your content. And don’t forget to engage with them as well.

Success Replication

Another element of viral content is success replication. What does it mean? It means to replicate the success of other viral videos. When you see a successful video, you make a similar video and it will achieve similar success. That’s how the success replication works. It is not only for videos. It happens everywhere in business, either online or offline. You simply go for what the masses like, and replicate the success of the people who already achieved their success. In terms of viral content, you simply replicate the success of any viral content and create a similar thing out of it.

On-Demand Content

Your content will go viral only when your audience wants it. When there is huge demand for such type of content, it will become popular very quickly. Where can you look for on-demand content? You can simply take a look at the current trend in your niche. Of course, the trends will come and go. The key is to keep yourself busy in creating new viral content according to the newest trends.

Reaction Trigger

Content that demands the reaction from your audience will tend to go viral quickly as well. For instance, when you write a controversial blog post, and your content naturally attracts hot discussion in your blog, you will be able to make your content popular in a short amount of time. What you need to do is to put some reaction triggers within your content in order to encourage your readers to give their response toward your content. Thus, in this way, you will create healthy discussion around your content. Lots of successful viral Facebook posts have this kind of reaction trigger.


Those are the important qualities that you must add to your content in order to make it viral. Without those qualities, your content will just become a regular content that will not have any significant appeal for your audience. Even if you follow one of those qualities you can make your campaigns go viral easily.

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