ZeroPark Webinar Replay

Zero Park recently uploaded a  webinar replay and I thought it would be helpful many of our readers as well, who want to learn more about Zero Park. Zero Park is a self-serve platform to resell domain traffic however they now offer PPV Traffic and also they will start providing search traffic too. They are one of the most affiliate friendly advertising network. You can also check out interview with Robert Gryn CEO Codewise (The company behind Zero Park ) ..

What Runs Where Exclusive Review and Discount !

what runs where review and discount

As this year is now in full swing I thought it’s time to shoot out some big guns and throw a review and a new discount out for you to keep you rolling this year! What runs where! WhatRunsWhere is a competitive intelligence service for online and mobile media buyers. A fancy way of saying, […]

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Detailed Topic Data from Facebook Coming to Select Marketers

Facebook Data

For the savvy marketer there are few things that can be as valuable as detailed information about their target audience. This is why targeting digital advertising has quickly become such a huge business, and helped marketers to make billions in both online and offline sales. Most marketers are constantly working to gather information from a […]

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What are Demand Side Platform (DSP) Mobile Networks?

DSP Mobile ad network

Over the past several years two of the hottest trends in all of digital marketing have been mobile ads and demand side platforms (DSPs). With that in mind, it is easy to see why mobile demand side platforms have become so successful, and gotten so much attention recently. If you aren’t already using this powerful […]

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LinkedIn Launching Business Focused Ad Network

LinkedIn adnetwork

Over the past several years we have seen just about every social network launch their own ad network to help monetize their traffic. This is a smart move since social networks already do a great job at collecting personal information about users, which can then be used to show very targeted ads. The one exception […]

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Business Lessons You can Learn from the Shark Tank

Business Lessons You can Learn from the Shark Tank

For many business owners and entrepreneurs, the hit ABC television show “Shark Tank” is not only entertaining, but also extremely inspirational. Since it debuted in 2009, the show has helped to grow, save and start many incredible businesses. In addition to the businesses it has directly helped on the show, it has also helped countless […]

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Survey Shows Facebook will be the Dominant Social Network for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl

With the super bowl just days away most people are as excited about the commercials and marketing opportunities as they are about the actual football game. In recent years, one of the biggest points of interest for many in the digital marketing industry has been on how people will be talking about the game online. […]

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Webinar Replay: How to Build Successful CPA Business

Maxbounty T shirt

Hey guys , If you missed it i did a webianar about building successful CPA & affiliate marketing Business and tried to share some of my experience , For those of you who missed it here is the replay video . P.S let me know about your feedback and what you would like to see […]

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Skrayp PPV scraper review

skrayp scraper

Choosing the right targets for any PPV campaign is always the most important step, as you can not become successful without the right and relevant targets. If done manually it is the most time taking process and sometimes takes more time then creating landing pages for your campaign, as you need to make sure that […]

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Why socializing with other entrepreneurs is important for your business

socializing entrepreneurs

Personally i am not a very social person, however in my 4 years experience of running a successful business, What I have learned is that it is that socializing with like minded people is one of the biggest KEYS to success. No matter what industry they are working in, meeting new people always leaves you […]

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Interview with Thomas Founder Tapfiliate

Thomas founder tapfiliate

Today i am very excited to present 1oth interview with Thomas van der Kleij founder of Tapfiliate. Thomas is a 28 Year old entrepreneur from Amsterdam. Previously founded a free printing service for students. Originally he had a commercial background (studies) but picked up programming to push the company forward faster. After selling the IP […]

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