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The Complete Guide to Push Ads Traffic in 2024

Today we have a special guest post from a legendry affiliate, Attila O’dree super affiliate and super industry influencer. Attila has been this industry for a very long time and knows affiliate marketing industry inside out. I wanted to learn and share what is the process he goes through when he create push advertising campaigns, He kindly was able to take some time out of his busy schedule for sharing his process with us. You can read more about him through his blog IAmAttila.com 

If you are looking to make money online in affiliate marketing, you are going to love this guide.   It explains everything you need to know about push ads. Where to buy them, and how to leverage them in your marketing.

What the Heck Are Push Ads Anyway?

What Is push notification advertising
Push notification advertising is a new form of advertising.

Push ads/push traffic/push notification advertising is the same thing. It is a new form of traditional marketing approach. In its modern version, promo material gets to people through notifications and alerts. 

Push advertising is non-intrusive. They don’t bother most people. They don’t influence the content or your actions and are easily dismissed or ignored. But sometimes bad push ads and constant spam might annoy people. 

The thing that is different from other forms of ads is that most push ads are shown to people who opted into them. This is usually done by subscribing to newsletters or clicking on “allow notifications”.

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Why Are Push Ads Better Than Pop Up Ads?

The biggest issue with pop-up ads is that they are annoying to users. Many consider them a plague on the internet as it makes your experience worse. And the whole category is dying out as well. Almost all modern browsers have some sort of pop-up blocker built-in. Those who don’t can get this feature via a simple extension.

The click-through rates on these pop-up ads are very low. Even if people click on it by accident they won’t read through the pitch but seek the close button. 

Push ads don’t have these issues. Most users opt-into them and if they don’t, they are easily ignored. So, people who click on the push ads usually read through them as they did it of their own will. 

Push started dominating the advertising industry due to its incredible performance. The nature of the ads themselves brings much higher CTR and conversion rates.  There are plenty of positives associated with it and some of them are:

  • Low fraud rate

Unlike other forms, there is almost no bot-traffic in a push at all. The nature of the ads themselves don’t work that well with automated systems. People have to opt-in themselves which makes frauds difficult. 

  • Great format

The alert/notification style of the ads make them great attention grabbers. The ads usually appear on the prospects’ screen without bothering the content. They pop in enough for the user to gain curiosity and click on. 

  • Engaged users

Most people who get these ads are interested in them.  People who get them have to opt-in. Which means that they have at least some interest. These users are often engaging with the content. Some studies showed that that engagement is up to 10 times higher than google’s display ads. 

Which Ones Are the Top Push Ads Traffic Sources?

Not all traffic is created equal, and this is very true for push ads as well. Some sources re-broker from other push sources, others have fake bot traffic placements. Then there are the big boys in the market.

The top names in PUSH are:

  • PropellerAds
  • Evadav
  • Zeropark
  • iZootoo
  • PushGround
  • RichPush
  • MegaPush
  • Adsterra
  • AdMaven

These traffic sources stand out from their competition. They take care of their databases. Keeping your push database up to date and fresh is key to conversions. If you Google, a lot of people search for how to get rid of push ads from their phones and desktops.  Why? Because they are hella annoying! That’s why it’s so important to buy push traffic from the best in the industry. Someone that understands how important it is to keep the database fresh. Someone with constant new subscribers.  

What Verticals Are Making Money on Push Ads

Here are some of the top verticals for 2021:

  • Dating
  • Health and Beauty
  • Crypto
  • Finance
  • Sweepstakes
  • Gambling
  • e-Commerce
  • Mobile Games
  • News and Entertainment 

These are currently the most profitable and you won’t make a mistake going for any of them. Of course, other verticals might be more niche but they won’t be covered in this article. 

Which Offers To Run on Push Ads Traffic?

Before running you should find the right offers. You can look for direct affiliate programs or partnerships with CPA networks

  • Direct affiliate programs are reserved for companies that you work with. These usually offer the best rates. Sadly they can be tricky as most companies have some sort of regulations you need to follow. This might get a big deal if you work with multiple companies at once. 
  • CPA Networks are the most popular option. These networks act as middlemen between you and the companies. Affiliates working with the networks have a large pool of offers and programs to choose from. They offer better conditions but smaller payouts. 

Some of the best CPA Networks are:

  • Supremedia (Financial Lead Gen)
  • Top Offers (Dating)
  • Adcombo (Health)
  • Clickdealer (Lead Gen & Sweeps)
  • Gotzha (Sweeps)

Of course, there are a lot of others. Finding the right one for you should be done individually, but these mentioned are good choices. 

Finding and Making Creative Ads To Use on Push Traffic

As with any kind of advertising, the better the ad the more success.

  1. Images and Design

The first thing you should take care of is good images and design. These will ensure that the potential customer notices your ad. With a great design, they will be enticed to click on it, and then your copy and images should do the rest. 

  1. Copywriting

As always, good copy is the key to success. Start strong and make it interesting so that people keep on reading. A common practice is to use emojis as well, so give that a go!

You shouldn’t stop here. Push is always evolving and so should you! 

Get a good spy tool and check what your competition is up to. If they have a winning solution, copy them, if they don’t then you should avoid what they are doing.

Watch out for ad fatigue. The same ads from the same companies that are often pushed to users can make them dislike your ads. Always try innovating with new approaches and don’t spam the same audience with daily ads. 

To see what works out the best, always test! A/B testing works everywhere and push is no different. The more you test, the more you will know about what works and what doesn’t. 

How To Set Up a Tracking Campaign with Redtrack

To track your campaigns data properly and to be able to optimize you need to use a tracking software. I recommend Redtrack since it’s the best tracker out there.

To get started you need to add your Offer source (cpa network), Offers you want to promote, you Landing pages, and the Traffic source.

So click on ‘Offer sources’ in the top menu, and add New.

The Complete Guide to Push Ads Traffic in 2024

Redtrack already has pre-built templates for the most popular offer sources out there, so all you have to do is to find your Network and click on the Add button.

The Complete Guide to Push Ads Traffic in 2024

If you can’t find the network you are looking for, you can click on the Create custom button, and add your network manually.

The Complete Guide to Push Ads Traffic in 2024

Next you need to add the Offers.

Click on Offers in the top menu, then Add New.

The Complete Guide to Push Ads Traffic in 2024

Then you need type in the offer name, select the Offer source, and paste your offer link. 

The Complete Guide to Push Ads Traffic in 2024

*Make sure that your link includes the clickid parameter. This is very important, ask your rep for help if you are not sure about this.

Next you need to add your landing page. Click on Landers, and add New.

The Complete Guide to Push Ads Traffic in 2024

Then you need to name your Lander and add the URL of your landing page.

The Complete Guide to Push Ads Traffic in 2024

And then the Traffic Source.

Click on Traffic sources and Add New.

The Complete Guide to Push Ads Traffic in 2024

Redtrack has built in templates for traffic sources as well, so this is going to be super easy.

Just locate the traffic source where you are going to buy traffic, and click on the Add button. That’s it.

The Complete Guide to Push Ads Traffic in 2024

Finally you need to set up your tracking campaign. Go to campaigns and click on Add New.

The Complete Guide to Push Ads Traffic in 2024

Then name your campaign and select your traffic source

The Complete Guide to Push Ads Traffic in 2024

Then your Landing page and Offer, and that’s it!

The Complete Guide to Push Ads Traffic in 2024

You can add multiple landers and offers to the same campaign

The Complete Guide to Push Ads Traffic in 2024

And Redtrack will automatically split test them for you. 

How To Set Up a Campaign on Propeller Ads?

Setting up your first Push Ad Campaign can be easy with the help of traffic sources like PropellerAds. 

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on Create Campaign
The Complete Guide to Push Ads Traffic in 2024
  1. Select Your Advertising format and pricing model
  2.  Add your creatives, titles, and description
The Complete Guide to Push Ads Traffic in 2024
  1. Select the traffic option, user activity, and countries and bids
  2. Set your budget
  3. Launch

This can be all done within a few minutes. Making this the fastest way to get started!

Testing and Optimizing for Push Traffic

Testing and optimizing is something you should do for every type of ads and campaigns. It takes a lot of time and effort, but if done right, it will help you out a lot. 

The first thing you should do is start testing your ad campaigns. A/B Testing, different angles, budgets, tracking. All these work together to give you a picture of what the market looks like. With enough data, you will be able to learn what to do and what to avoid. 

  1. Get good data

Gathering the right data is the hardest part of the whole process. It is hard to determine how much data is enough and what data is good and which sets are useless. 

A good rule of thumb is to start optimizing your bid early. As soon as you spent a few dollars, start optimizing it. Then continue with optimizing your creatives after you spend 1-2x your payout. 

After that is done, optimize your LPs when you reach a dozen conversions. At last, optimize your placements after spending more than 3x your payout. 

These optimizations will get you enough data from each step without wasting money. 

  1. Optimize your creatives and landing pages

This is commonly done by testing variations of your creatives and seeing which does best. This shouldn’t differ from any other LP optimization you have done before. Change colors, designs, copy and test!

  1. Optimize you placements

Not all placements convert the same. Some are better suited than others for your offer. This is easily done. Start with all placements and then drop the bad performing ones. You should be left with the best placements for your offer. 

  1. Optimize your bids

As always, optimizing bids is all about saving money. A good indicator of this is the win rate. You should aim for 30%-40%. Lower means you are missing out on the potential customers. Higher means you are most likely overspending!

  1. Repeat

Repeat these steps until you are happy with your campaigns!

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